Henry David Thoreau once praised Walden Lake as a teardrop of the God, and hence evoked numerous people’s yearning for lakeside living. Everyone has a lake in their mind, which brings them serenity, poetry and purity in the bustling city.

Project Name: Xi’an VANKE · VIEW LAKE Sales Center
Location: Xi’an, China
Finishing design: ONE-CU Interior Design Lab
Decoration design & execution: ONE-CU Interior Design Lab
Area: 1,300m2
Completion time: March 2020
Main materials: gray marble, textured paint, wired glass, bronze steel, wood veneer
Client: Xi’an VANKE
Photography: ONE-CU Interior Design Lab

©️ONE-CU Interior Design Lab

Lakeside living, ideal life

Living beside lake is amazing, which enables people to get close to nature and enjoy a peaceful life. As embracing the first light of the sun in the morning and overlooking the rippling waterscape, the mood is refreshed.  The project is a residential development sales center in Xi’an, China. With Yanming Lake on the north side, it enjoys favorable site conditions. In addition, it’s situated at the transitional zone between the densely populated area and the outskirts, providing a perfect place for conceiving ideal lifestyles for urban elites.

Immersive experiences

The design drew on autumn lake landscape to set the overall spatial tone, with various simulated stone, wood and reed art installations showcasing ecological beauty. The layering and visual experiences of the space are enriched by diverse material textures and the contrast of dark and light shades.

©️ONE-CU Interior Design Lab

Holographic projection system is brought in to show the beautiful scenery of Yanming Lake, which features charming reed marshes. As roaming around the simulated reed installations and listening to the gurgling water, visitors will immerse themselves into the landscape, serenity and charm of the lake, whilst forgetting the bustling urban life for a while. Art and nature are perfectly integrated at the theme exhibition hall, which brings multi-sensory experiences.

Interplay of light and shadows

The interplay of light and shadows highlights the contrast of different spatial scenes. The columns are arranged orderly, which interact with natural light and change its forms at the corridor, hence creating a mysterious yet fascinating atmosphere. Large areas of French windows are utilized, so that visitors are able to enjoy the outdoor scenery while exploring the space and talking.

©️ONE-CU Interior Design Lab

The designers deliberately extended the circulation from 1F to 2F, to enable emotional conversion of visitors. It guides visitors to walk from the immersive scenes to the tranquil corridor, and then suddenly opens up the space on 2F.


Modern artworks that combine nature, idea and creativity are displayed throughout the space, which meet spiritual needs and at the same time create a pleasant and relaxing ambience. The unique oval lamp embedded onto the concave ceiling illuminates the property model display area, makes the space appear more lightweight, and generates a sense of extension. The negotiation area is simplistic, with screens used as partitions. The communication scenes are embellished by modern art installations, which indicate and echo the natural landscape of the Yanming Lake.

©️ONE-CU Interior Design Lab

ONE-CU Interior Design Lab

ONE-CU is a renowned Chinese interior design agency, equipped with a group of far-sighted designers who boast rich professional experience. Just like multiple small cubes constitute a variable Rubik’s Cube, our designers together compose the unified yet diverse team of ONE-CU.

Since establishment, ONE-CU has cooperated with many leading property developers including Vanke, Poly, CR Land, China Overseas Land & Investment Limited and more. We strive to provide quality design and consultation services for clients and crystallize their requirements and concepts into artistic interior spaces.

ONE-CU reflects on the relationship between human and space and seeks to create user-oriented spaces. Providing diversified and fantastic spatial experiences is our consistent pursuit.


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