In this 30 m2 studio apartment, after the demolition works only the partition walls were left intact. Desired interior spaces follow practical and functional aspects.

architect: gergő batizi-pócsi, péter batizi-pócsi /batlab architects/
general contractor: bb industry
lamps: rita koralevics /paper up/
tables: studio nomad
video: hooh design
photo: norbert juhász
location: budapest, hungary
project year: 2018
area: 30 sqm

translucent spaces by batlab architects - Sheet3The stand-alone kitchen-bathroom block shapes the entry, the living-dining room and the sleeping cabin. For maximum space usage, unique furniture was installed. Instead of floor tiling, HTC superfloor concrete was uniformly used in all spaces of the apartment.

translucent spaces by batlab architects - Sheet5

Zone borders are marked by curtain systems that allow symbolic separation by moving the textiles. The softness of textile and the walnut in the furniture dampens the puritan look of the white spaces and concrete floor.

translucent spaces by batlab architects - Sheet12

The key factor behind the successful project was the presence of a constructive and open client, and the work of a high performing construction team.


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