The project explores the traditional housing complexes and typologies of del Valle neighborhood in Mexico City; an urban layout where the street blocks feature pan coupé corners creating broad intersections. As a response to this situation, the scheme and building incorporate a diagonal sequence of spaces that transition from the public realm of the street towards the intimacy of the interior terraces and gardens.

Estudio MMX –DPS Housing
Project´s name: DPS Housing
Design by Estudio MMX + Olga Romano
Location: Ciudad de México
Team: Mariana Braga, Olivia Hansberg
Photography: Rafael Gamo
Year: 2017
Area: 3510.40 m2

DPS Apartments By Estudio MMX + Olga Romano - Sheet10

The apartments are organized in such a way that there is no “back apartment”. The latter is possible through the combination of single and duplex typologies that have a relation towards the interior patios but also towards the street. These typologies are clearly expressed in the façade.

DPS Apartments By Estudio MMX + Olga Romano - Sheet13

The building is integrally out of concrete. The structural system based on load bearing concrete walls, beams and slabs, allows to reduce the number of additional construction details, execution problems and maintenance costs.

DPS Apartments By Estudio MMX + Olga Romano - Sheet22The shading screens of the facade, also in concrete, are the characteristic elements of the building, they orient the views, reduce solar gain in the least favored orientations and express the geometrical conceptualization of the building.


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