Built on Serra da Bocaina, Brazil, one of the most beautiful regions between Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, this residence establishes a true connection between architecture and nature. The office Bruschini Architecture used the difficult access on his favor to create a wide space for contemplating the view. “In several moments, the house is almost on top of a huge carpet of clouds as if it was on top of huge a high space, says the architect Fábio Bruschini.

Project Name: Bocaina Refuge
Architect Name: Bruschini Arquitetura

Bocaina Refuge By Bruschini Arquitetura - Sheet2The Refúgio Bocaina, as it has been named, is the home of a couple with small children, who love trails, mountain bikes and adventures. The program was design with three bedrooms (two of them are suites) and a social area totally integrated with the open deck in a way that all the environments get linked to the beautiful view. And, it also has a reserved annex on the back.

Scandinavian Inspirations

As it is an area of difficult access, the idea was to design a compact and pre-fab house. Therefore, we have chosen a wood frame system with Scandinavian ideas.

Part of the building is on top of a concrete table (this material was chosen to its low cost). The other part is supported by large wooden pillars. The living room and terrace are almost flying above nature.

The scene is in constant mutation and almost hypnotizing

Bocaina Refuge By Bruschini Arquitetura - Sheet5Volumes that get organized

REFÚGIO BOCAINA is composed by two symmetrical volumes, where we have the intimate areas, therefore, they are closed for creating privacy. The social areas were placed on the central block that is a bit more open and higher. It is in this area that are located the living room, dinning room, the kitchen and also a fireplace.

Bocaina Refuge By Bruschini Arquitetura - Sheet6However, the intimacy area is designed as two lower blocks where the bedrooms are placed because “Serra da Bocaina”  (a mountain range region) is very well known due to its thermal amplitude and extremely windy, therefore, it was very important that the bedrooms were cozier.

Fabio Bruschini

Graduated by Belas Artes São Paulo University and post-graduation in furniture design at SENAC,

Fabio Bruschini has always been fascinated by urban design and the architecture of the cities. It was during a visit at Waterloo Station, a remarkable project by Nicholas Grimshaw in London that he decided to go deeper in the architecture universe. Since the beginning of his career, he has chosen to embrace an authorial path so that he could give life to projects without repetitive formulas by choosing unexpected combinations.


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