Inner-city redensification as a highly worthwhile form of living: a joint building venture with whom the property owner’s son was acquainted used the attic space of a typical 19th century gründerzeit building as an excellently located development site. Hardly visible from the street, a unique world unfolds 16 metres above ground level, offering panoramic views over the city.

Rethinking The Future Awards 2022

Project Name: Radetzkystraße – A village on the roof
Architect Name: PPAG architects

Radetzkystraße - A village on the roof By PPAG architects - Sheet1
(c) Roland Krauss

Tucked into the newel of the staircase, a discreet elevator halts in the open in a small public space, surrounded by an arrangement of slightly receding cubic structures facing the street.

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Radetzkystraße - A village on the roof By PPAG architects - Sheet3
(c) Roland Krauss

The apartments – a sequence of differently proportioned high rooms as an interior result of playfully observing strict framework conditions – are directly accessible from there. Window openings facing all directions capture the daylight, and a homogenous layer of rendering clads a highly individualised interior. No one terrace overlooks the other. Just like a little Tunisian village.

Radetzkystraße - A village on the roof By PPAG architects - Sheet4
(c) Roland Krauss

Together with each group of occupants, the apartments were designed in individual workshops. For some, strict privacy already began there, while others provided us with a description of their lives and let us get on with the rest.


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Rethinking The Future Awards 2022