This Project is part of an exploration of privacy scales from interior and exterior spaces, where the main characters, surrounded by a lattice wall, are two “blocks” and a void generated between them.

Project Name : Casa Quokka
Location: Cañete. Lima – Perú.
Year of construction: 2017
Architect: Martin Dulanto
Project Manager: Raúl Montesinos.
Collaborators: Gabriel Tanaka, Micaela Elliot, Daniela Gomero
Client: Privado.
Land area: 230.04 m2
Built area: 159.67 m2
Constructor: Taller 33 Arquitectura y Construcción.
Structural Engineer: Jorge Avendaño.
Electrical Installations: Planea.
Sanitary Installations: Planea.
Mechanical Installations: Planea.
Photography: Renzo Rebagliati
Main suppliers: Hidronamic (Pool), Furukawa (Glass), Unicom (Concrete), Sol (Cement), Aceros Arequipa (Iron), Decor Center (Coatings and Sanitary Ware), Raúl Trujillo (Fixed Furniture).

Casa Quokka By Martin Dulanto Arquitecto - Sheet3These two “boxes” or volumes are located in different levels, connected by the void: an interior patio open to the fresh air. The first block is occupied by the social area and is characterized by its permeability. This is achieved by the extensive use of tempered transparent glass in both sides of the axis that leads to the sea; as well as, the existence of an exterior social terrace that receives the guests. The second block, is receded from the front of the house and it houses the private area in two levels: an elevated area and a semibasement, both with views of the sea.

Casa Quokka By Martin Dulanto Arquitecto - Sheet4The patio between these blocks hosts an interior terrace with a pool and the stairs that allow the user to access to the different levels, with a bridge that takes to the superior terrace.

The program has been divided in two areas: the Private Area in which the bedrooms, the living room, the interior patio and the service area are located; and the Social Area which is occupied by the dining room, the living room, the kitchen and three terraces, two on the inside and the outside of the first level and another one on the second level.

Casa Quokka By Martin Dulanto Arquitecto - Sheet5The house has been covered, in three of its sides by a white lattice that gives privacy and a homogeneous façade. This lattice shapes the posterior and the lateral facades.

Casa Quokka By Martin Dulanto Arquitecto - Sheet6The project is conformed by these spaces:

  1. Semibasement: Three Bedrooms, each of them with Closet and Bathroom included.
  2. First Floor: Exterior Terrace, Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen and Guest Bathroom. Patio, located between the blocks, with a pool and the stairs that connect all levels. Second block: Laundry Room, Service Bathroom, Service Bedroom, Main Bedroom and Main Bathroom.
  3. Second Floor: Terrace with a second pool and grill area.

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