The clean lines and carefully structured geometry of this modern Long Island home make a statement of aesthetic and style, while maintaining a natural connection to the surrounding landscape. Characteristic yet subtle, the architecture exhibits a clear and exciting contrast from the neo-traditional residences in the surrounding areas. Set back from the road and sited centrally on the plot, the structure is presented against a backdrop of old growth trees, and artfully carved to create a varied massing of solid and void, highlighted by a two-story glass box eliciting views directly through the home to the landscape beyond. The proportions of the structure work to minimize the effect of the two-story massing, emphasizing rather the horizontality of the elongated main level.

Architect Name: Mojo Stumer Associates

OLD WESTBURY RESIDENCE By Mojo Stumer Associates - Sheet2A minimalist yet characteristic material palette furthers this connection to the site.  Mahogany planks clad a majority of the façade, visually anchoring the home it to its natural surroundings, while much lighter elements of wood trellis and screen wall create an intricate layering of materials to lighten the overall composition. The projecting overhangs are clad in crisp white metal paneling, contrasting the subtlety of the black window frames and stone wall cladding. Upon approach, one is drawn to the oversized steel clad window, it’s splayed and angular form contrasting to the home’s otherwise orthogonal geometry, jutting from the stone entry wall.

OLD WESTBURY RESIDENCE By Mojo Stumer Associates - Sheet3The connection between building and landscape is furthered upon entrance into the home. Full-height glass panels wrap the rear façade to provide a continuous visual relationship to the exterior, as the stone wall cladding from outside runs seamlessly interior, blurring the lines between inside and out.

All living spaces are organized linearly along this wall of glass, providing an open concept plan ideal for the large family gatherings the owners anticipate.

OLD WESTBURY RESIDENCE By Mojo Stumer Associates - Sheet4A highlight of this incredible home and property, the exterior outdoor living space is functional and furthers the homeowners vision to create a space that is integrated with the surrounding landscape. It is also a great example of maximizing both positive and negative space which allows guests and the homeowner to experience a variety of different elements while passing through this part of the larger property. There is a magnificent combination of architecture, design and material. The cabana’s exterior is minimalistic; defined by the materials, their angles and colors.  Wood, stone, and white metal panels are used to seamlessly integrate the design of the cabana with the main house.

OLD WESTBURY RESIDENCE By Mojo Stumer Associates - Sheet5A large slat overhang composed of mahogany wood provides shade for dining. Additional mahogany and metal slat walls soften the corner of the cabana and create continuity with the design of the main house, where the slat detailing was used to provide privacy for a terrace adjacent to the master bathroom. This overlooks an infinity pool and a beautifully landscaped property. The indoor-outdoor feel of this outdoor living space is instantly inviting. There are many spaces to relax and dine and gather, but every space is seamlessly connected and also comfortable for all ages to enjoy.


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