Ratul Shivhare residence is a two-storey 5 BHK residence situated at the heart of the city in the C-Scheme of Jaipur. The residence is facing to the west with another lane towards the south.

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Project Name: Mr. Ratul Shivhare
Studio Name: GM Architects
Status: Built

Mr. Ratul Shivhare Residence by GM Architects - Sheet13The residence is aesthetically designed such that homely and pleasantly bounded feeling is imparted to the residents. Each space is equipped with modern facilities. Basic Vastu principles also have been incorporated in the design as desired by client.

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Mr. Ratul Shivhare Residence by GM Architects - Sheet3The main entrance encompasses a lawn along with verandah which is utilized as an excellent all weather sitting space. The front façade comprises of wide windows that captures natural light into the living space. The windows are positioned carefully such that they manipulate views in and out of the house.

Mr. Ratul Shivhare Residence by GM Architects - Sheet5The interior comprises of spacious hall for the living and dining. The kitchens are designed such that they are functionally apt and user friendly. The bedrooms are well furnished with spacious wardrobes. The bathrooms are designed such that there is a clear separation between the wet area and dry area for the ease of maintenance.

Mr. Ratul Shivhare Residence by GM Architects - Sheet9Design also incorporates features that contribute to improve the efficiency of the structure such as installation of solar panels so as to reduce the energy consumption, use of hollow blocks for thermal insulation as well as incorporation of water harvesting measures.

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Mr. Ratul Shivhare Residence by GM Architects - Sheet8

Ar. Gaurav Mathur is one of the highly decorated architects. He graduated from Aayojan school of Architecture and thereafter completed Master of Architecture from Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology (CEPT) , Ahmadabad. He also possesses a great experience in teaching of about more than 10 years and is member of various professional bodies. He is well known for completing projects on time and successfully dealing with various issues like climate, site topology, sustainability, adaption of technology etc.


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GM Architects is an architectural consultancy firm based at Jaipur city, working on variety of projects i.e. architecture, landscape, architecture conservation and interior design. We have many publications at national as well as international level and some of our projects have been documented by prestigious channels.

GM Architects is committed to developing unique architectural designs that communicate a clear purpose and meaning to its observer. All our projects are initiated with absolute consideration of clients version. We pride ourselves in engaging each client as a participant in the design process. We listen, probe and analyze to ensure that each project as unique.


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Rethinking The Future Awards 2022