The project intents to be a node for the area, made up of two buildings with different language and image, pedestrian traffic spaces are created, spaces for pauses; it is an urban center that is consolidated to be identified as a milestone within its context, diversifying and giving multiple uses to experience and explore the city.

YEAR: 2018
AREA: 20,770m² (horizontal)
STATUS: Construction Plans
LOCATION: Guayabos, San José, Costa Rica

Adara By Carazo Arquitectura - Sheet6Currently there is a need to engage in a more direct dialogue between the user and the environment they inhabit, therefore, cities expand in size and multiply their road and transport infrastructure as a system that grows in response to natural development of the city;

Adara By Carazo Arquitectura - Sheet8However, the communication and interaction between the inhabitants of the city and the city itself has been left aside, an example of this is the privatization of the peripheries in the buildings and blocks of the urban network, it is currently a tendency to delimit or close the perimeter in many city blocks and spaces;

Adara By Carazo Arquitectura - Sheet9As a consequence, the possibilities of having entertainment spaces, social interaction spaces, spaces that may be appropriate for developing trade and possibly to create spaces for research and development (R&D), spaces to create, collaborate, learn and share (makerspaces), centers for business meetings, libraries, showrooms, coffee bars, tea rooms, gardens, etc.

Adara By Carazo Arquitectura - Sheet10Those types of spaces are diminished, essentially everything that can maximize variability and flexibility. The project contemplates multiple uses, with retail space being the main component of the proposal, however, the requirements to satisfy diverse basic needs must contemplate employment and living spaces within the urban center that is being proposed; creating space that responds to the daily activities of the future inhabitants of the project and the city.


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