Located on a hill, the project is displaced through two volumes, impacting the smallest possible surface and almost without altering the terrain, the existing vegetation of oaks and copal trees is respected.

Name of the project: Teitipac Cabin
Location: San Antonio Teitipac, Oaxaca
Program: Residential
Building area: 185 m²
Completion: 2018
Principal architect: LAMZ Arquitectura
Project architect: Luis Alberto Martínez Zúñiga
Design Team: Francisco Guillermo López Chávez
Romeo Eli Antonio Ayuso
Óscar Matías Acevedo
Structural Engineer: Eduardo Fernández
Photography: Lorena Darquea
Contact Address: Privada de Mangales No. 100 int.5 C.P. 68050, Colonia Reforma, Oaxaca de Juárez, Oaxaca, México.
Phone Number: 01 (951) 206 6007
Email: info@lamzarquitectura.com
Website: www.lamzarquitectura.com

Teitipac Cabin By LAMZ Arquitectura - Sheet4The compositional scheme of the volumes responds to different levels, burying itself to the south and flying towards the north, so the project gets a direct dialogue with the nature.

According to the identified needs of the project, a public space that is directly related to the environment is generated, creating a transparency towards the horizon, which allows having an internal-external relation. On the other hand, the private volume generates a cave aspect, a refuge, merging into the mountain, getting a shelter atmosphere.

Teitipac Cabin By LAMZ Arquitectura - Sheet5The articulation of the volumes is solved with a steel and glass hallway, fulfilling the function of connecting the public and private areas in different levels, both inside and outside, causing a vacuum in the mountain.

Teitipac Cabin By LAMZ Arquitectura - Sheet6The tectonics of the project as a core point is to create a mimesis between the context and the architectural intervention, dissolving on the site. Using local preexisting stone, steel and wood; a warm atmosphere and a timeless language is created, so throughout time, the house will merge as if it would have always existed.

Teitipac Cabin By LAMZ Arquitectura - Sheet7Interacting directly with the landscape, the construction will go unnoticed in time, from the used materials and the architectural language.

LAMZ Arquitectura

LAMZ Arquitectura is a workshop that uses the structure as a form of expression of the architecture, understanding the environment with its diverse characteristics and impediments, transfiguring them through the accurate use of the material, respect for nature (context), preexistences, the study of light and ventilation, with the purpose to encourage the user to live the space through a direct relation with the factors that determine a project.

Luis Alberto Martínez Zúñiga


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