Located in Guangchen Town, Pinghu City, Spring Breeze is estimated to occupy 4363 mu of land with a total investment of ¥10 billion. It is expected to be built into a complex featured town and health industry demonstration zone for endowment, tourism and agriculture after 5 to 10 years of input and development. Separated from Shanghai by a river, the town embraces winding streams and crossing water branches which cover an area of 300 mu. Blessed with extraordinary ecological environment, it becomes popular among people who hope to find another residence around Shanghai.

Project Name: Pinghu Spring Breeze
Firm Name: Goa

Owner:Jiaxing Lancheng Development Co., ltd.
Location:Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China
Design/ Completion:2016-2019
Design Firm: GOA

Pinghu Spring Breeze By GOA - Sheet1Driven by its design idea, Spring Breeze combines idyllic health preserving style that attracts urban people with the warm, humid and elegant views of areas south of the Yangtze River. As a result, we will have a town suitable for living, visit and caring about aged people, which arouses the homesickness of people in urban area.

Pinghu Spring Breeze By GOA - Sheet3We launch the frame of overlapped courtyard for the first time. Compared to traditional villas with high plot ratio, we place courtyards instead of rooms over each other to create bigger space. Thus we can improve the special structure of villa of this kind.

The villa in Spring Breeze boasts four-layer structure and two special systems – the lower part is a garden with features and advantages of traditional Chinese courtyard house. The upper part, above two layers on the ground, forms a southward setback courtyard based on the lower part. People on both parts can contact with each other inside the building by taking the public elevator.

Pinghu Spring Breeze By GOA - Sheet4This design enables residents on both parts to have their own privacy and take care of each other as well. So the villa is suitable for a family of two generations.

Thanks to this design, we have access to villas with overlapping courtyards.


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