Villa Sawah is the first villa of Stilt Studios’ Family Village concept, rising out of Canggu’s natural settings. With its custom design that prioritizes community areas and includes a playground and common area, The Family Village itself redefines family living and creates a secure and supportive community.

Project Name: Villa Sawah
Studio Name: Stilt Studios
Completion Year: 2024
Gross Built Area (m2/ ft2): 255 m2
Project Location: Bali, Indonesia
Lead Architect: Prayoga Arya Wirasana
R&D Team: Putu Gitta Wisnu – Kevin Setiawan – Fadhilah Sayogo Putri
Photo Credits: Willem Keuppens

10485-Villa Sawah by Stilt Studio-Sheet1
©Willem Keuppens

It is carefully crafted to promote and improve family relationships and activities, guaranteeing that every person leads a healthy and satisfying life. In order to accommodate the various demands of family life, this project skillfully combines ecological design with functionality, setting a new standard in family-oriented residential architecture.

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©Willem Keuppens

Built with premium materials like marble, teak, and bengkirai, Villa Sawah is the epitome of comfort and elegance. With 255 square meters of total living space and stunning views of rice fields, the house has high ceilings and large outdoor areas. With a large deck area that blends in well with the interior areas, the architectural concept allows for seamless indoor-outdoor living.

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©Willem Keuppens

The villa is divided into two distinct buildings: the main building has an open-plan living, dining, and kitchen area with a master bedroom, kids’ bedrooms, and an office. The secondary building has a guest bedroom, an office, and a flexible space that can be used as an extra living area, TV room, or indoor yoga area. This arrangement provides flexibility and privacy while meeting the requirements and dynamics of different families.

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©Willem Keuppens

The villa uses materials that have been carefully sourced and prefabricated building parts, in keeping with Stilt Studios’ commitment to sustainability. Stilt Studios optimizes steel cutting and provides significant flexibility by using a prefabricated modular system based on a 3×3 meter module in the design. By applying this modular method to all wood components, standards are upheld and precision is guaranteed. It lowers the carbon footprint connected with the building process by speeding up construction and drastically reducing trash.

10485-Villa Sawah by Stilt Studio-Sheet10
©Willem Keuppens

Due to the substantial use of wood, which is known for its capacity to store carbon, Villa Sawah is outfitted with a smart home system that incorporates energy usage metering and high-level thermal insulation, resulting in 30% improved energy efficiency and 78% less embodied carbon.

10485-Villa Sawah by Stilt Studio-Sheet11
©Willem Keuppens

Furthermore, openable windows positioned thoughtfully encourage cross-ventilation, which aids in natural cooling and lessens the need for artificial cooling systems. Villa Sawah’s focus on sustainability guarantees that the property offers opulent accommodations while adhering to environmental stewardship ideals.


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