A refined abode for a family of three, this sophisticated home exemplifies a fusion of elegance and contemporary design, where each space radiates a chic aesthetic and an airy ambiance, avoiding any hint of banality.

Project Name: PRNS
Studio Name: Archventil
Location: Milan

PRNS by Archventil-Sheet1

At the heart of the living area, a cleverly designed mirror conceals the television, amplifying natural light and visually expanding the space. Four mirrors, seamlessly integrated with minimalist metallic hinges, enable smooth and discrete movement. An inverse three-shaped chandelier with a copper finish, matching the kitchen faucets, illuminates the living and dining area, creating a striking focal point.

PRNS by Archventil-Sheet3

The kitchen, crafted from dark thermally-treated oak, contrasts dramatically with marble and parquet flooring, accentuating the visual importance of premium materials. A concealed door within the kitchen columns leads to the master suite, which includes a study, laundry room, bathroom, and the master bedroom.

Hidden niches behind the wainscoting offer storage and personal archiving spaces while preserving the walls’ original look. The path to the sleeping area traverses a walk-in closet where flooring and wainscoting share a unified material language with naturally varying patterns and colors. From the closet, one enters a long, narrow bathroom where the bathtub area and sanitary ware are separated by full-height glass panels. Here, wood and marble blend harmoniously, enhancing each other’s hues and textures.

PRNS by Archventil-Sheet5

In the second bathroom, marble takes center stage, creating a bright and relaxing environment. The child’s room, though distinct from the rest of the apartment, employs a harmonious color palette with warm yellow tones, crafting a playful yet cohesive atmosphere that aligns with the home’s overall aesthetic.

Lighting plays a pivotal role throughout the apartment, balancing natural and artificial sources to highlight the high-quality finishes and diverse textures of premium materials. The selection of materials, from thermally-treated oak to marble, underscores a harmonious contrast that infuses character and depth into each space.

PRNS by Archventil-Sheet8

This residential project in Milan is a stellar example of reinterpreting classic elegance through a modern lens. Every detail, from spatial layout to material selection, is meticulously designed to create a refined and inviting environment where the interplay of textures results in sophisticated harmony, enriched by various tactile and visual sensations.


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