This serene 7,500 sq.ft. home sits atop the golf course at Vooty Golf County in Vikarabad, Hyderabad, with a gorgeous lush view of green, away from the noise and bustle of the city. Since it is designed as a home away from home for entertaining guests over the weekend, the design approach prioritizes hospitality and community, making it an inviting destination for all.

Project Name: The House on the Green
Studio Name: Crafted Spaces
Location: Hyderabad
Area: 7,500 sq.ft.
Principal Architect/Designer: Mitali Aharam
Date of Completion: January 2024
Photography Credits: Ricken Desai

The House on the Green by Crafted Spaces-Sheet4
©Ricken Desai

This home is a delicately curated interplay of a neutral palette with pops of colour in the furniture designed with a minimal approach, letting the golf course views shine. Large sliding glass doors overlooking the golf course immediately create a sense of openness and connection to the outdoors, bringing the beauty of nature right into the space.

The addition of a red snooker table as the centre piece right at the enterance of the home acts not just as a functional element but also a statement piece that invites socialization and entertainment. The contrast between the sleek glass doors and the warmth of the wooden rafters in the ceiling creates a balanced and cozy atmosphere. A fluted sliding glass door leads you to the common area that includes the living, dining, bar and poker table.

The House on the Green by Crafted Spaces-Sheet5
©Ricken Desai

A large window between common areas was created to allow a flow of light and space and to provide visual continuity, allowing people in different areas to stay connected visually, even when they’re in separate spaces.

While preserving an open concept layout, the partial wall dividing the kitchen and dining area from the living room gives the spaces a sense of separation and facilitates easy movement and interaction.

A poker table in the living area brings amusement and joy to the room. The dining space looks out onto the front yard, which also provides deck sitting outside. It seems almost like having your own private oasis just outside your door thanks to the second outdoor dining area that extends outside the living room and overlooks the golf course.

The House on the Green by Crafted Spaces-Sheet8
©Ricken Desai

The use of 10-foot-long cement tile flooring throughout the house gives the whole design a sense of coherence and consistency, which improves the impression of openness and spaciousness. In addition to giving the room a more expansive appearance, the seamless flooring unifies the whole design, providing a neutral backdrop against which other architectural features can stand out.

In order to provide a cozy area with a view of the golf course and a visual connection to the living area, snooker table, and poker table, the bar nook was built beneath the swimming pool. The snooker table area’s stone wall is complemented and given texture by the stone cladding on the bar.

The House on the Green by Crafted Spaces-Sheet10
©Ricken Desai

The ground floor’s bedrooms, one of which opens to an outside balcony with views of the golf course, provide both residents and visitors with a tranquil and lovely haven. The addition of wood rafters to the bedrooms enhances the room’s cozy and welcoming ambiance by bringing in a little of warmth and rustic appeal. The outdoor motif is enhanced by the natural wood grain, which also forges a pleasing connection between the internal and outdoor design elements.

All things considered, these bedrooms provide a tranquil haven where comfort and style are given equal weight in a well-thought-out design. The natural motif is carried throughout the house by selecting fabrics in earthy and green hues.

The House on the Green by Crafted Spaces-Sheet11
©Ricken Desai

With a view of the golf course, the top level features an outdoor bar and deck with an infinity pool attached. Ar. Mitali Aharam experimented with translucent concrete to develop a design for this bar that is not only distinctive but also a terrific conversation starter. An intriguing yet understated element that extends over the top counter of the bar was made up of a wave-like pattern of pinhole-sized punctures in the translucent concrete that were lighted to produce a beautiful effect.

The House on the Green by Crafted Spaces-Sheet13
©Ricken Desai

Not only does this vacation house actually sit on the green, but it also incorporates the green into the overall design and guest experience


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