The project focuses on transforming a semi-detached house in the northwest of Madrid. The house required more light and better connectivity between its various levels.

Project Name: Casa Nogal
Studio Name: estudio zooco
Complete Date: 2022
Location: Madrid
Photography: Imagen Subliminal

Casa Nogal by estudio zooco-Sheet1
©Imagen Subliminal

The original house had an excessive depth of over 12 meters, resulting in poor lighting on the first floor, primarily used as the living area. To address this, we created an internal opening, like a lantern, that extends through all above-ground levels of the house: living room, bedroom, and office.

Casa Nogal by estudio zooco-Sheet3
©Imagen Subliminal

This volumetric subtraction allows for better illumination of the first floor and visually connects it with the upper floors and the exterior.

We used a clear and strict material pairing to complement this new spatial concept: oak wood and white.

Casa Nogal by estudio zooco-Sheet8
©Imagen Subliminal

These two elements allowed us to shape all the rooms, addressing their specific needs such as storage, seating, and support surfaces.

Casa Nogal by estudio zooco-Sheet12
©Imagen Subliminal

The restrained and minimalist use of textures and colors creates calm, serene spaces that contribute to a cohesive reading of the different atmospheres within the house.


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