The assignment was to create a modern house on a sloping piece of land in hilly estate of Sentul City, Indonesia. The land elevation was already divided  into 2 section from the existing old building. Rear section were set to be 3.5 meter lower than the front section. This was basically the base idea of the massing design.

Project Name: BGH house
Studio Name: e.Re studio architects
Completion Year: 2024
Gross Built Area (m2/ ft2): 500m2
Project Location: Sentul City, Indonesia
Lead Architects: Erwin Kusuma
Photo Credits: Yudi D. Hertanto

BGH house by e.Re studio architects-Sheet3
©Yudi D. Hertanto

We started by placing the staircase shaft as the transition point between front and rear massing. The front massing with its wood secondary skin are 2 storey high and facing east. While the rear massing designed to be 3 storey high since it is 3.5 meter lower than the front and it is facing west. Both massing to meet the staircase shaft in between.

BGH house by e.Re studio architects-Sheet5
©Yudi D. Hertanto

The massing idea also reflected visually. Front massing designed to be boxy with twisted wood secondary skin as a response to its corner position. This wood secondary skin is not just a visual treatment but also  to provide privacy and sunshade from eastern sunlight. Beautiful morning sunshade can be seen along the front wall and the wood skin as if it is made as an artistic template.

BGH house by e.Re studio architects-Sheet6
©Yudi D. Hertanto
BGH house by e.Re studio architects-Sheet7
©Yudi D. Hertanto

The rear massing idea was to create a lightweight visual even though it is a 3 storey high section. We brought down the bitumen sheet roof as a dark vertical façade. It is also functioned as additional buffer from afternoon sunlight heat. This feature will help to reduce the interior temperature during hot sunny afternoon. Below the dark façade is 1st floor living – dining – kitchen area that was designed to be open and light. Huge sliding windows promised to provide optimum cross ventilation through out the area. Going down to ground floor is the spacious kid’s activity area and garden. No particular furniture designed for this space. All were planned to be free arrangement allowing kids and friends to play and roaming around freely. Large green garden, mini basketball court, shaded wood patio, all were part of the idea to provide family member with space to bond and to grow.

BGH house by e.Re studio architects Sheet10
©Yudi D. Hertanto

The whole house turned out to be visually interesting, distinct but yet humbled by its surrounding. All spaces created to be functional, comfortable without being too much or overly decorated. Overall a pleasant house to stay for the family member.


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