Elevating the realm of haute designs, the acclaimed PortsideCafé, renowned for its artistic integrity, exquisite craftsmanship, and innovative design explorations, unveils a whimsical quartet of chairs that are a testament to timeless and avante-garde aesthetics.

Project Name: Chair to Stare
Studio Name: PortsideCafé

Chair to Stare by PortsideCafé-Sheet1

Crafted with unparalleled precision and honest values, this edit surpasses the boundaries of conventional furniture design just as they captivate with their quirks of eccentricity in the fusion of form, function and allure, transcending mere utility to the landscape of object d’art.

A boutique brand PortsideCafé, helmed by the creative acumenship of Bobby Aggarwal, Founder and Creative Head, was established in 2007 with a vision to add zest to homes with their novel inspirations drawn from the quotidian. Recipient of numerous awards and achievements, their atelier has fabricated limited edition collections of distinctive furniture and homeware that parades a unique maximalist and minimalist amalgam, leather love and discovering stories.

Chair to Stare by PortsideCafé-Sheet3

These four gallery-worthy seats represent a narrative journey that challenges the mundane with designs that spark imagination and enchantment.

Silver Lining Occasional chair

A fusion of cultures defines the genesis of this enigmatic chair. With a nod to Japanese minimalism, the lean metal frame is painstakingly hand-stitched and clad with leather, which serves as a canvas for the intricate artistry of the indigenous Kantha stitch. Depicting a folklore narrative with the portrayal of flora and fauna, it invites instant admiration with its timeless elegance.

Chair to Stare by PortsideCafé-Sheet5

Tan Ok Please Occasional Chair

A romantic celebration of cultural iconography in this classic bucket chair is for the seekers of comfort and art. Impeccably crafted vignette of the bustling Indian street depicted with a ubiquitous auto-rickshaw impeccably engraved on the leathered back. Captivating with dainty details and indigenous workmanship, reminiscent of the traditional Kolhapuri chappal, it is a charming homage to cultural heritage and everyday elegance.

Chair to Stare by PortsideCafé-Sheet6

Mantis Chair–Occasional Chair

Inspired by the lean agility of the praying mantis, this dynamic chair epitomises minimalistic elegance and contemporary sophistication. The lean metal frame expertly strung and woven with leather strings with wavy flaps exudes macho energy. Designed for versatility, this chair seamlessly transitions between occasional seating and dining functionality, offering a stylish accent to any space.

The Key – Statement Chair

Embracing the brand’s language of quirks and fantasy this bold statement chair emerges as a striking embodiment of artistic imagination that builds a narrative around a musical string instrument. Tall, dark and handsome, its sleek frame is accentuated by highly polished turned wood pieces, while the jewel on the crown is the slender leather cushion in vibrant red, adding intrigue to the ensembles. A focal point in any space, this statement chair is a declaration of individuality and a masterpiece.

Chair to Stare by PortsideCafé-Sheet8

“Envisioning chairs as a coherent art, we wanted to morph this household staple to double as an accent piece with a touch of rebellious aesthetics. Ensuring adherence to quality, design experimentation and conscious manufacturing we have created these original pieces to invigorate any space with their vivaciousness,” says Bobby Aggarwal, Founder and Creative Head of PortsideCafé.


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