Architects Fabiana and Marta Camanho were responsible for the complete renovation of this 320m² apartment, located in the Pinheiros district of São Paulo. The project was developed for a young couple, he a bank clerk and she an interior designer, with five pets, three dogs and two cats.

Project Name: Apartment in São Paulo – Brazil
Studio Name: Camanho Arquitetura

Apartment in São Paulo - Brazil by Camanho Arquitetura - Sheet3
©Rafael Renzo

Customers were looking for more integrated environments, with an open gourmet kitchen, prepared to receive visitors and a space totally dedicated to animals. Carrying a fluid, light and at the same time striking identity was the main objective of the project. Woody tones and a very subtle gray, with multifunctional solutions for integrating environments, in addition to natural elements such as freijó wood and marble were the highlight of the project, which are also present in the furniture.

Before the renovation, the property, which was 30 years old, consisted of two suites, two bedrooms, living room and kitchen. One of the bedrooms was eliminated and integrated into the living room, so that the space gained even more amplitude. As the proposal was to suggest that the original project always achieved this magnification, the window was covered.

Apartment in São Paulo - Brazil by Camanho Arquitetura - Sheet5
©Rafael Renzo

For the entrance hall, the architects opted for a more minimalist style, without excesses, highlighting the walls and ceiling with joinery and discreet and cozy lighting. Moving on to the living room, we have a large space that combines different functions, such as a living room, Home, Dining Room, a veranda with an environment for small meals and a gourmet space.

The gray walls in chromium color and wood and marble coatings highlight the space. Signature furniture, such as the chaise longue Rio, by Oscar Niemeyer, in addition to textures, such as wood, glass, leather and marble, provide sophistication and comfort. Works of art with a lot of personality, by Fernanda Naman, Gabriel Wickbold and Flávia Junqueira enrich the apartment even more.

The hallway was lined with wood and indirect lighting. The set of smooth wood textures with the slats enhances the space, makes it timeless, in addition to providing warmth and beauty, of course.

Apartment in São Paulo - Brazil by Camanho Arquitetura - Sheet7
©Rafael Renzo

The master suite was planned following the same concept of integration. The two existing suites were integrated, bringing a TV room into the suite, an individual closet and a master’s and a lady’s bathroom, thus maintaining the privacy of both. The shades of gray and the columns and walls covered with marble make the environment even more elegant.

The service kitchen, modern and at the same time functional, was designed to maintain privacy. The laundry room, on the other hand, was developed not only for its functionality, but also as a space dedicated to the feeding and needs of animals. A vertical garden came in to complement the green, which they love.

The bathroom was designed by professionals to be an impressive space, it received a lot of marble and copper details, following the language of the project. And finally, the other bedroom was transformed into a suite. Resulting in an apartment with only two suites. The result was a contemporary, sophisticated and functional project.


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