Design Deconstruct, led by Rishabh Kapoor, Director of the firm, has created an exceptional five-level farmhouse located in Chattarpur Farms, New Delhi. This luxurious residence reflects Rishabh Kapoor’s distinctive style, characterized by flamboyance and a larger-than-life attitude, complemented by unconventional design elements. The house boasts unique features such as a floating crystal art piece in the ceiling, ceiling-to-floor chandeliers, and statement-making furniture pieces, including life-sized paintings and sculptures.

Property: A five-level farmhouse with 6 bedrooms; 6 baths; 5 powder rooms for a family of four.
Area: 2,500 sq. meters (Site); 500 sq. meters (covered area) & 2,150 sq. meters (built-up)
Location: Chattarpur Farms, New Delhi.
Name of Firm: Design Deconstruct Consultant Pvt Ltd
Home owner: Rishabh Kapoor, Director, Design Deconstruct
Persons to credit quotes to: Monica Chadha and Rishabh Kapoor
Photograph courtesy: Atul Pratap Chauhan

Rishabh's House by Design Deconstruct - Sheet4
©Atul Pratap Chauhan

The architectural design of the farmhouse incorporates bold elements, such as massive double-height decks with balconies, providing an airy atmosphere and panoramic views. Additionally, the second floor features a double-height ceiling, creating a sense of grandeur and spaciousness throughout the home. Rishabh Kapoor explains that the aim was to create a space that is opulent yet practical, fulfilling the family’s requirements.

Monica Chadha, Director and Principal Designer at Design Deconstruct, collaborated with Rishabh Kapoor to establish the farmhouse’s unique aesthetics. Their goal was to design visually delightful spaces that are easy to maintain in the long run, focusing on clean aesthetics and an uncluttered environment.

Rishabh's House by Design Deconstruct - Sheet5
©Atul Pratap Chauhan

The farmhouse has been designed to accommodate both small and large gatherings, with a clear distinction between public and private spaces to ensure privacy and efficient management of housekeeping duties. Upon entering the upper ground level, visitors are greeted by a magnificent meditative Buddha statue. This floor features a study, pantry, and a chic urban industrial lounge, characterized by bare plastered walls, exposed HVAC ducts, and epoxy finished flooring.

The first floor encompasses the formal drawing room, dining area, and main kitchen. The drawing room features two clusters of seating and a grand piano, while displaying paintings by Thota Vaikuntham. The dining room boasts a 10-seater dining table made from a single piece of white onyx. The standout element in the dining room is a floating crystal art piece in the ceiling, which illuminates with the falling light, enhancing the exclusivity of the space. The decor is further enhanced by stunning furniture pieces, exquisite lights, and artworks by Ramachandran.

Rishabh's House by Design Deconstruct - Sheet7
©Atul Pratap Chauhan

The first-floor foyer showcases two consoles adorned with malachite, while a discreet powder room is tucked away in a corner. The designers have chosen a neutral backdrop, allowing exquisite furniture, fantastic lights, and artworks to take centre stage. Adjacent to the dining room, a spacious balcony extends into the front greens, providing an outdoor lounging area.

The second and third floors house the residential quarters. The second floor features two master bedrooms, each with separate walk-in wardrobes and washrooms. These rooms, along with their artworks by Seema Kohli, exceed 60 sq. meters in size. The second floor’s highlight is a double-height family lounge, offering access to a beautifully designed pooja room. The lounge is adorned with a 26-ft wall panelling comprising marble, veneer, steel, and solid wood cornice, while wooden flooring adds a touch of warmth.

Rishabh's House by Design Deconstruct - Sheet8
©Atul Pratap Chauhan

The third floor includes a master bedroom with an en suite bath and walk-in wardrobe, as well as two guest rooms overlooking the scenic landscaping. The passage on the third floor allows for constant interaction with the second-floor lounge, fostering a sense of connection between the two levels.

The lower ground floor is dedicated to recreation and entertainment, featuring an indoor swimming pool, a party hall with a large drop-down screen and karaoke system, a bar, a fully equipped gym with a steam and sauna, a salon with a massage bed and shampoo station, and a 10-seater home theatre with automated recliners. The staircase, finished with statuario marble, showcases lean rose gold railing and elegant cove lighting.


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