The project is part of a Territorial Cooperation Program Italy-France that want to promote tourism and sustainable mobility actions in the reference area and to improve the quality of life in Cuneo.

Project: Velostazione
Location: Cuneo, Italia
Year: 2020-2023
Built area: 84 mq
Site area: 837 mq
Status: built
Architects : Studio 3Mark (arch. Michele Cassino arch. Manuela Rosso)
Typology: Bike Stations
Photographs: Oscar Bernelli

Velostazione by Studio 3Mark - Sheet4
©Oscar Bernelli

In these actions there is the project of a bike station (Velostazione) where bicycles and e- bikes could be securely placed.

The bike station is a simple volume with a corridor and bike stands in the other side.

Velostazione by Studio 3Mark - Sheet6
©Oscar Bernelli

The Velostazione is made of steel portals, grids and panels, it is a rectangular shape and the ridge is the diagonal of the base. In the facade you can see two different type of panels with different lines and, with the grids, they form trapezoidal shapes.

The trapeziums are also in the area around the Velostazione in fact there are two seats and a flowerbed with this form.

Velostazione by Studio 3Mark - Sheet9
©Oscar Bernelli

In the square around there is also a large write in corten steel (V E L O S T A Z I O N E). that separates the parking area and the pedestrian one. The letters are drilled and they have the function of bicycle racks.


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