Every project is born with a series of prior constraints. Constraints that allow modeling its development. Among all, one of them always stands out as the protagonist in an architectural project; in various ways, but always protagonist. And this is none other than the site. Only on rare occasions does the site provide a value per se.

Studio Name: e2b arquitectos
Design Team: e2b arquitectos
Area: interior design
Year: 2016-2019
Location: El Campello. Alicante
Photography Credits: Enrique Agües
Other Credits: e2b design team

The Octagon by e2b arquitectos - Sheet4
©Enrique Agües

Such a powerful condition that the project must necessarily enhance and establish as the protagonist. In this house, located at a strategic point on the coastal front and 45 meters high, its impressive views are the catalysts for the entire design process.

The Octagon by e2b arquitectos - Sheet6
©Enrique Agües

From this position, a house is conceived that accommodates its peculiar octagonal floor geometry and the characteristic metal structure of high-rise buildings. For this, the usual orthogonality in the arrangement of the elements that define the house is dispensed with and an intentional directionality is established that enhances the views of the surroundings.

©Enrique Agües

The result is a unique house that squeezes the constraints it starts from, exalting its privileged location, supreme condition, dialoguing with its original geometry, and highlighting the order and character conferred by the metal structure.


Our architecture studio, e2b, is located in Alicante, Spain. We develop projects for new construction, comprehensive renovation, and rehabilitation. It is made up of a multidisciplinary team that balances creativity and technical expertise harmoniously.
They offer exclusive design in which your home adapts to your needs, and not the other way around. This is achieved through constant dialogue, which allows for a personalized proposal.
They’re projects combine two complementary aspects: aesthetics and practicality. The balance between both is present in each stage of the project’s development. Additionally, they propose timeless projects that are far from passing fads, whose character endures over time, and whose design maintains its essence despite the passage of time.


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