Renome, which is located in Bellary, Karnataka, is one of Studio BDA’s first projects to be completed in 2022. The ground floor of the house was remodelled to add two stories in order to accommodate the needs of an extended family, who brought with them the need for additional living space.

Project Name : The RENOME
Project Category  : Architecture
Project Location : Ballari, Karnataka, India
Project Size : 4755 Sqft
Project Status : Built
Architect / Designer :  Ar. Bhargav Bhadaginchala, Er. Bharath kumar
Photographer credits : Akhil V ponnuru

The RENOME by Bhadaginchala Design Associates - Sheet4
©Akhil V ponnuru

The inclusion of layers increased the family’s privacy, but it was also crucial to connect these levels in order to foster a sense of connection among the family members. The introduction of a central staircase serves as a physical link at the core of the house. A double-height living area on the first-floor aids in keeping the upper and lower floors visible to one another.

Another important attribute is the city’s climate. Bellary is located in an extremely hot, arid region where summertime highs can reach almost 40° C. To keep the interiors, cool and comfortable, a buffer corridor was introduced that runs along the periphery of the built space, this helps maintain an offset and prevents the interior walls from being directly exposed to the harsh sunlight.

The RENOME by Bhadaginchala Design Associates - Sheet5
©Akhil V ponnuru

The external wall that wraps around the corridor functions as a ‘brise soleil’ made of a combination of brick pattern walls punctured with openings. Local masons experimented with numerous patterns while using locally available brick for the pattern wall. This wall not only adds beauty to the elevation but also casts interesting shadow patterns on the inside much to the fascination of the younger members of the family. The internal spaces benefit from filtered sunshine and improved ventilation thanks to the double screening made possible by the corridor’s either wall.

Pivoted windows are thoughtfully positioned opposite to private areas like the bedroom and the restrooms enclose the apertures in the exterior brick pattern wall (note the direction the pattern occurs). The ability to totally close these windows when needed to ensure maximum privacy also increases the flexibility of its use based on the sun’s angle.

The RENOME by Bhadaginchala Design Associates - Sheet8
©Akhil V ponnuru

We tried maintaining sober and subtle shades of white and beige for walls in all the common areas. Warm and vibrant colour palette is obtained by the combination of terracotta bricks with a teal hue for the windows. We have introduced gold and brown colour scheme for the teak wood and MS staircase, while the wallpapers and texture paints add splashes of colour that are complimented by the wooden flooring in private spaces such as the bedrooms. We attempted to inculcate playfulness in the spaces by creating patterns in the common areas through a combination of grey and Moroccan-patterned tiles in the hallways making the journey inside the house amusing.

©Akhil V ponnuru

Building aligning with walls in the lower level, left the bedrooms having modest space therefore in order to make maximum utilisation of space in bedrooms, the storage for the wardrobes and the bed was fused, where its designed as a single element using one wall of the bedroom, allowing easy movement in the rest of the space available. Subtle colours are used for such combined storage, making it appear less visually heavy.


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