It is a two-story wooden house built in a local city in Hokkaido.

The planned site is surrounded by apartment house and hospitals, and the only view is missing from the district park on the southeast side.

Design Team: Tsukasa Daida, Hideki Shichida, Kazushi Omori
Area: Hokkaido,Japan
Location:Residential areas
Consultants: No Consultants. Construction is SK Creed
Photography Credits: Ken Goshima

Frames by DAIDA DESIGN STUDIO - Sheet2
©Ken Goshima

The owner wanted a bright and warm home where he could spend time with his family, including pets, while keeping the existing trees.

The southeastern side of the existing trees is the main garden connected to the scenery of the park, and since the site has a relatively large area,

the garden is secured in other directions while maintaining a distance from the surrounding buildings to create a sense of oppression. I made it smaller.

Frames by DAIDA DESIGN STUDIO - Sheet4
©Ken Goshima

Each opening facing the garden has multiple frames that cut out the various expressions of the garden.

From the opening on the south side, not only the scenery but also sunlight and wind are taken in. In addition, a louver that controls sunlight and privacy is installed at the opening to accentuate the exterior.

Frames by DAIDA DESIGN STUDIO - Sheet9
©Ken Goshima

As the greenery grows in the garden, I am very much looking forward to seeing how the many frames of this residence will cut out various landscapes.


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