A gut renovation was done to this 1 BR, 1 Bath apartment with an oversized kitchen.

We were able to maximize the use of the space, by reducing the size of the existing kitchen to create one in which the new layout features cabinets and appliances located against a single wall. We repurposed some of the appliances leaving the sing and gas range in the same location as well as the existing window, We use the existing kitchen space and corner window to create  a small bedroom or study.

Studio Name: VictoriaBenatar ARCHITECT PLLC
Design Team: Victoria Benatar
Area: 700 sqft
Year: 2014
Location:Midtown Manhattan
Consultants: Ann Sacks, Gringer.
Photography Credits: Laurie Rhodes
Other Credits: Contractor Clever Interiors

Retreat Midtown Manhattan, NYC by VictoriaBenatar ARCHITECT PLLC - Sheet2
©Laurie Rhodes

The new kitchen continue being still integrated the living room by the use of dark stained wood, stainless steel appliance and antiqued mirror glass tiles.

Retreat Midtown Manhattan, NYC by VictoriaBenatar ARCHITECT PLLC - Sheet3
©Laurie Rhodes

Improved master bedroom with a copper and wooden fan, shabby chic furniture and enlarged bathroom with a new shower finished with beautiful ceramic tile imitating linen. In the living room we used furniture finished natural fibers, leather to match the light oak wood flooring.

©Laurie Rhodes

We created an elegant and bright retreat to escape from the noise and crowded midtown area.


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