When a young couple , Mr Vishal and Mrs Sruthi approached our firm for designing their 1950 sqft apartment interior , high hopes and delightful eagerness in their faces , we were excited for them . Right from the off , we had a sense of comradeship with the clients and what ended up as just another interior project turned out to be a really enjoyable and wonderful project .

Studio Name – Vili & Vé Architecture Studio
Design Team – Sreejith Sreekantan (Principal Architect) Ar. Rafseena Sedeed (Junio Architect), Muhammed Sabique (Artist)
Area – 1950 sqft
Year – 2022
Location – Kozhikode, Kerala, India
Consultants – Vili & Vé Architecture Studio
Photography Credits – Saabith Hudaifa
Other Credits –Mr Vishal Padikkal and Mrs Sruthi Vishal (Clients) , Hilite Interiors ( Contractors )

Vishal's Abode by Vili & Vé Architecture Studio - Sheet2
©Saabith Hudaifa
  1. The Volume

Space creation was the primary concern for the clients. Whilst the apartment stated an area of 1950 sqft on paper, the space itself felt narrow and congested. To avoid repetition of every interior design we decided to break off certain walls and rearrange certain *predetermined spaces*. The wall towards the original kitchen and the original guest bed is broken, as is seen from the image below .

Further the exiting work area was reimagined as a bar unit for his vintage collection . A bay window seating was added towards the master bedroom to enhance the space further . Pooja unit got built into a dead space towards the new Foyer. The floor towards the new “MULTIPURPOSE” dining was raised to add as an anchor point for the now “opened up” living areas and this room , true to its name , housed a concealed murphy bed / study tables / wardrobe in a console towards the rear wall. The room hence houses a bed and a library all the while maintaining its façade as a true dining.

Vishal's Abode by Vili & Vé Architecture Studio - Sheet3
©Saabith Hudaifa

The removal of dining from the main area also let increase the living areas and now a foyer could be housed which doubled up as an official discussion space.

2. The Palette

Earthy tones dominate the apartment living spaces. With tones of brick and wood were selected as the backsplash of the design. Wooden overtones with highlights in blues are sprinkled throughout the living spaces to break the monotony of the neutral tones . Wooden flooring at the multipurpose room anchors an otherwise grey overload in flooring. A designer patterned tile again enriched the balcony space.

Bedrooms are primarily the most private spaces for a resident at any homes. The tones for the bedrooms were selected respective to the occupants of the space. Black and sophisticated colours for the senior members of the family , white and blush for the youngest member who is five!

Vishal's Abode by Vili & Vé Architecture Studio - Sheet4
©Saabith Hudaifa

High gloss finishes added to the sophistication of the black bedrooms, whereas matte white bricks added to innocence of the kid’s room. Both were covered in wooden flooring in matte oak finishes,

3. The Accents

The primary viewpoint of the entire living area focused on a 5 foot high Theyyam painting (native art in Kerala also called the Dance of the Gods, a very prevalent art which emphasized on social injustice of ancient times through stories) . Predominant in a violent red, the painting acted as the welcome element to the house.

The serenity throughout the earthen tones in the house was emphasized with a 6-foot-tall Buddha statue housed at the balcony. The wind in the 19th floor, wherein the apartment is located, with its views towards the Kozhikode Seas at the distance gave the nesting place of this Buddha the same treatment as if he were beneath the Bodhi tree…. silent, calm, serene and ever present ….

©Saabith Hudaifa

The Bar area housed the client’s vintage collection of Liquor from all over the world. Meanwhile the master bed tinged on Chinese pots as accent . A painting of the little one, laughing ,innocence personified , adorned the otherwise white brick walls of the Kids bedroom . Large mirrors towards one side of the same enhances the visual spatial quality of the otherwise small room.

4. Conclusion

The apartment , now a “home “ nestled in the chaotic city of Kozhikode , serenades calm and warmth for this wonderful family of three . Sometimes projects like these comes to an architect wherein the clients tend to become more than the namesake , they become part of the family . That’s the ending of this beautiful project, just like the occupants inside.


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