India’s premier design and build company, Essentia Environments presents an elegantly designed luxury living-dining area that stays connected for all practical purposes, but also can be treated as independent spaces when necessary.

Project Name: Luxury Living-Dining Space
Studio Name: Essentia Environment

Luxury Living-Dining Space by Essentia Environment - Sheet2
©Essentia Environment

Gorgeously veined natural stone flooring is enhanced with geometric brass inlay to set a glamorous stage for the luxurious living-dining area. Gold-finished metal and glass sliding doors separate the two spaces while adding a more dynamic geometric flair to the space. The snazzy bar area tucked behind the dining room has a stunning stone paneling as backdrop on the wall.

Luxury Living-Dining Space by Essentia Environment - Sheet3
©Essentia Environment

In the living area, twin seating arrangements are held together by two identical chandeliers. Large windows running across the living room open out to a balcony. A stately, custom-crafted dining table is placed in the centre of the room with the chandelier atop hanging like a jewel.

©Essentia Environment

By specially designing and manufacturing all furniture and fixtures, the firm creates environments that are visually captivating and are warm and welcoming at the same time.


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