The project began in 2019 when Salankar Pashine & Associates co-founders Anurag and Pallavi Pashine addressed the homeowner’s request for a project that matched his bold design objectives and aspiration for a luxurious lifestyle. The Covid pandemic at that time prompted a change in planning. The client was now interested in updating the original layout with multifunctional space added to the plan including party space, a spacious study and home office, a home theatre, and a larger terrace garden with self-recreation areas. He intended to connect the two adjacent apartments and open up the entire home to the vicinity.

Name of the project: Partha
Design Team: Ar. Anurag Pashine, Ar. Pallavi Pashine, Juhi, Sadaf, Riya, Manoj.
Location: Empress city, Nagpur.
Area (Sq.ft): 5000sq.ft. Including terrace.
Completion date: 19th Feb 2022.
Initiation date: Jan 2020 but was stopped during the 1st wave and started again Dec.2020.
Budget: Confidential.
Photo courtesy: Ashish Bhonde.

Lake View Residence by Partha - Sheet3
©Ashish Bhonde

Given that it is a conjoined home of two apartments it has two entrances. The primary entrance is from the living room, while the other is from the study, which is usually kept locked. The exterior of the abode is creatively designed featuring blue shades in contrast with the neutral palette. An intriguing feature of this space is a wall with linear patterns, which is enhanced by ambient lighting that sufficiently illuminates the space, making it pleasant and welcoming.

Moving through the entrance, neutral tones dominate the space that is juxtaposed with a striking yellow shoe rack. The stunning chandelier is the focal point of the space, giving an impression of the client’s unique and dynamic personality.

Lake View Residence by Partha - Sheet5
©Ashish Bhonde

The living space, which is adjacent to the entryway, is designed around a neutral background. The space is furnished with couches composed of metal legs and upholstery in bold grey and blue tones. The bespoke centre table with a stunning crystal chandelier above adds to the eccentricity of the space. The Gautam Buddha sculpture in a nook of the setting, as well as the flora, infuses enlightenment into the place, enhancing the atmosphere.

The other family lounge in this part of the residence includes a small bar space. The living space includes soft and comfy couches, patterned panelling on the wall that extends to the ceiling, and floral printed upholstery on the chairs. The pooja room in this portion is designed in a contemporary style with a linear profile in white tones, creating a serene and peaceful environment. The setting is complemented by metallic-coloured traditional motifs.

Lake View Residence by Partha - Sheet6
©Ashish Bhonde

Adjoining the living area is son Hridaan’s bedroom. Blue, white, and grey colours can be seen throughout the room in the textile, walls, and furniture. The blue-coated partly timber panelling on the wall is supported by the beige padded headboard. The attractive pendant lighting on the side of the bed functions as task lighting and is an addition to ambient lighting that together effectively illuminates the room. The son is a fan of Harley Towler, an England badminton player, and his poster is displayed on the cupboard, mirroring the interest and desire of the son. This bedroom’s bathroom boasts mirror panelling on one of the walls, making the space appear larger. It incorporates a floating vanity for storage as well as a shelf for displaying candles and other accessories.

Next to it is the mother’s bedroom, which is designed in neutral tones with modest furniture and decor. The carved leaf accents on the cupboard and cabinets contribute to the setting’s creativity. The task lighting is installed beneath the cabinet that is above the bed to enhance effectiveness. The woodsiness in the room provides warmth and a pleasant environment for the mother to relax.

Lake View Residence by Partha - Sheet9
©Ashish Bhonde

The most fascinating space in this portion of the house is the master bedroom for the couple. The room has a walk-in closet and access to the garden patio. The ambience is composed of a metal-framed bed with metal-framed artwork on the opposite wall along a metal-framed shelf. An accent chair with a footstool and a console with the same floral print brings texture to the aesthetics of the bedroom. The extended part of the room overlooking the garden is the lounging space including a couch and a TV unit. The bathroom comprises brightly coloured tropical wallpaper, a round mirror, and a pendant light, all of which boost the user’s mood. This room is the epitome of luxury living, with all of the conveniences at the couple’s disposal.

A corridor connects the two houses. The corridor has accent lighting in conjunction with the beautiful antique gold textured wall that enhances the visual appearance of the space making it fascinating for inhabitants.

The corridor links to the dining room, which overlooks the family lounge. The bespoke dining set features an onyx marble surface. The connecting family lounge is divided by a partial divider overlooking the space across it. The atmosphere is highlighted by multiple pendant lights hanging above the partition, adding intrigue to the environment. The family lounge, which also serves as a home theatre and gaming room, is furnished with comfortable recliners and features blue and red tones that are balanced with white.

Lake View Residence by Partha - Sheet11
©Ashish Bhonde

The study space is connected to the family lounge. The study is configured with simple furniture and highlights a tree abstracted painting. The other son of the couple, Abir’s bedroom is adjacent to the study with a fixed glass window installed on the common wall. This room is painted mint green and has strong textures from the wooden flooring and shelf. One wall is panelled with posters of football players, reflecting his passion for the game. The walk-in wardrobes include large mirror doors that give the impression of double the area. The bathroom is highlighted by live planters and decorated in vibrantly coloured marbles with a trace of green hues.

The kitchen is located opposite the dining area and has a service window opening to the terrace unfolding a beautiful vista for the users. It is thoughtfully crafted to strike a balance between aesthetics and functionality. It exudes a colour palette of beige hue with white and blue accents. The lighting plan here comprises ambient lighting, task lighting, and a chandelier, all of which illuminate the space effectively.

The 1000 sqft terrace garden is the absolute pinnacle and paramount of all the places. The space is divided into versatile areas that include a gazebo along with a lot of greenery enriching the environment of the abode and the experience of its inhabitants. The terrace overlooks a lake in the context, making it a great spot for relaxation and rejuvenation.

The image of luxury and comfortable living is brought to life in the project through the rich material palette, artistic expressions, and attention to individualized style. The neutral-hued abode is elevated by brightly coloured furnishings, wall decors, prints, and patterns, establishing an epitome of a luxurious lifestyle for its residents.


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