With the advent of digital technology and marketing, it is said that the era of ‘Touch and Feel’ is long gone. But this cannot be held true for the architecture and interior design industry, where experience matters a lot.

Project Name: The Experience Center
Studio Name: The KariGhars

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Successful interior design brands create opportunities for people to try out their products using a mix of digital, traditional, and experiential approaches. However, to get an idea of the right touch and feel, to check the ergonomics, get an idea of colour options and quality check, the in-store experience becomes essential. A significant part of the population still prefers to feel products firsthand, especially big-ticket and custom products like appliances, furniture, and building materials. With this increased demand for more urbane, upgraded experience, and personalised participation, most brands have now gone ahead with the launch of experience centres.

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Reinventing the identity of a showroom and fusing it with an exhibition, an experience centre is spatially zoned to accommodate pockets of real setups to give the users a qualitative experience of materials, finishes or objects. Arranging the elements in the right configuration, and the use of props like wall art, lighting or tabletop accessories can help visualise and experience products. Planning an experience centre through-composed zones can also help in engaging the user in a concept with multiple products instead of only one piece of furniture. Each space should be curated to provide the experience of a realistic setup and help visitors visualise the catalogue of spaces from which they handpick the curated products. A well-designed experience centre can work as a silent interior designer that recommends solutions, which can be experienced before it is bought.

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While the showrooms are made up of visual components, experience centres engage all senses of the users and create a meaningful experience for them. An experience centre can influence the way people feel about the products, through the ambience, lighting or even through the music that plays in the background. The furniture or the furnishings is displayed in a flexible way for people to have a hands-on experience with the products which helps them articulate their decision to buy a quality product that suits them. Thus, an experience centre can not only make the products look more aesthetically vibrant but also helps in increasing the footfall of the products by offering exclusive experiences.

The KariGhars, the best interior designers of Bangalore,  revolutionised the design scene with a grand experience centre launched in close collaboration with Aristo India, the perfectionists in finishing.

The KariGhars, ‘The Gods of Contemporary Design’, have set the standard for great interior design, with the launch of the very first Experience Centre in Bangalore. The experience centre of Karighars has transformed the notion of viewing online to indulge physically with the product.  The centre is designed to provide a sense of how a home might appear and function. It is an assortment of different designs, materials, furniture, and furnishings. One can start imagining their dream home as they explore the storage-friendly designer solutions and modular wardrobes with smart shelving, deep drawers, and other features that optimise every surface of any property. The KariGhars’ handcrafted products and finishes can be viewed, as well as be touched and felt by the consumers. The centre is a conceptualised reality, and not simply a showcase for furniture products. As a result, the entire space is spruced up with a range of colour schemes and themes in furniture, furnishings, and decor. The centre allows the consumers to relax on the sofa and peruse the wardrobes so that they indulge in experiencing the products.

©The KariGhars

An ‘Experience Center’ is meant to leave a memory and an ever-lasting impression, and so spaces that give the users an experience with events or pop-up shows while allowing its visitors in full-brand immersion seem like the perfect medley for the present-day urban environment. Expanded from the traditional brick-and-mortar stores and showrooms, the experience centres showcase the quality and comfort of the products. Technologies like virtual reality and augmented reality are no more restricted to being an online experience but are actively present in experience centres. These spaces are curated to suit the brand, style, and audience with art installations,  innovative technology, coffee bars, themed events, and museum-like walk-through space, where the potential consumer can assess and experience the brand on their terms as the way forward.


Known as the undisputed ‘Gods of contemporary design’, The KariGhars is the leading interior design firm in Bangalore. Founded in 2009 by the entrepreneur par excellence, Abhishek Chadha, they undertake complete turnkey projects for villas & apartments. In addition to that, they customize wardrobes, entertainment units, modular kitchens & built-in furniture to fit the space & style of a project. With a vision to transform the ordinary into sensational spaces, they conceptualize, curate & choose cohesive color palettes that further enhance the aesthetics of the expanse. In the middle of this brilliantly guided organization are the founders, CEO Abhishek Chadha, CFO Aashita Chadha & Managing Director Vinayak Chadha. The trio is responsible for taking this company to the zeniths of success by religiously focusing on the needs, passion & vision of their clients. They diligently work on the principle of minimalism– ‘Less is more’ & keep intricate details to a minimum, instead of incorporating popular materials. Their design philosophy revolves around the fluidity of contemporary interior design amalgamated with a touch of mid-century modern styles.

‘The KariGhars’ is one of the most renowned names in this field of Luxury Interiors in Bangalore. From inception to execution, conceptualization to curation, they also cater to the customized demands of their clients. Team KariGhars creates luxury residences that reflect the owner’s personality, passion, and style. From luxury villas to modern apartments, they turn dreams into reality. A dozen years & several awards later they are credited as the ‘Best premium interior designers in Bangalore’. The seeds of building the firm brewed in the minds of Abhishek & Aashita when they were getting their own house built. The lack of professionalism in this niche of industry bothered Abhishek & led him to establish a company whose sole mission was to improve the customer experience & deliver consistently gratifying results. He quickly built his website & zeroed in on his first-ever client through it. Abhishek makes it a point to cater to even the minutest details involved in the process of design. He undertakes the journey with the client & makes sure they get a lavish experience along the way.

From the originality of designs to the quality of raw materials used, The KariGhars are honest & upfront about everything they do & use. They provide a lifetime warranty for all their products. With the right blend of aesthetics and ergonomics for homes and kitchens, they deliver Interiors that reflect one’s style. However, the USP of ‘The KariGhars’ is that they maintain strict timelines for every step of the design process so that the client can shift into their home as planned. In 12 years they have maintained an incredible work ethic, never failing to deliver on time. Their exponential growth is the testament of their exceptional talent, creativity, and expertise to make a positive contribution to their clients’ lives. As for the future, Abhishek is adamant about delivering luxury. His sole ambition is to make The KariGhars a brand name that is synonymous with opulence & grandeur. Think luxury, Think KariGhars.


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