We present you with an apartment designed in our interpretation of the mid-century modern style. This small-sized unit consists of an entrance hall, a kitchen, a dining area, and a living room.

Studio Name: VLDMRdesign Studio
Design Team: Vladimir Golubović, Dina Golubović
Area: 35sqm
Year: 2020
Location: Belgrade, Serbia
Consultants: /
Photography Credits: VLDMRdesign Studio
Other Credits: /

Apartment NIS by VLDMRdesign Studio - Sheet2
©VLDMRdesign Studio

Clean lines and a functional space with no superfluous elements define the interior. Its superstar is a retro-styled refrigerator, placed in full sight from the living room, with the elements surrounding it designed to be unobtrusive, while perfectly complementing the space.

Apartment NIS by VLDMRdesign Studio - Sheet3
©VLDMRdesign Studio

A dining counter set between the kitchen and the living room connects these two areas into a harmonious whole that encourages social interaction between the residents.

Apartment NIS by VLDMRdesign Studio - Sheet4
©VLDMRdesign Studio

By combining warm, wooden textures, dark hues, metal, with a fresh green color and white accents, we have achieved a design that is both concise and dynamic. Lighting, with its specific form, adds to the spatial dynamics of the entire flat; while the geometric patterned throw pillows, wall graphics, and ornamental plants finish off the whole design.

About VLDMRdesign Studio:

VLDMR Design Studio by Vladimir and Dina Golubović was founded in 2012 in Belgrade, Serbia. The work in the studio consists of permeating architectural and related science branches: urbanism, architecture, design, and technology, aiming to better our approach to work and problem-solving.

For us, architecture represents the process of arranging and designing our clients’ space by envisioning their life and daily routines in it. Therefore, the interior design represents an architectural task that is personal and always in correlation with the client, i.e. the user of the space and their wishes.

The studio focuses on reinventing the space with the client in mind, in a myriad of different aspects, starting from macro (architecture of the house, home) to micro plans (interior), as well as their interconnection, in order to improve and perfect the work on the design (conceptual design and construction project), interior design, furniture design, and graphical design which provides the design identity to the entire project.

VLDMR Design Studio is driven by the idea that comfortable living space should reflect on the character of the user of the space, with special attention to details, meaning, and essence of the space.


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