The Wall of Being – The house stands at a y – junction in a compact residential neighbourhood of Kozhikode, a coastal city in Kerala, on a linear plot destitute of outside views. The residents embrace a contemporary lifestyle, and at the same time, they reminisce about their ancestral village in the Mid-Malabar region of India.

Studio Name: Evolving Radical Aesthetics
Design Team: Ar Muhammed Ashiqe & Ar Rumna
Area:4500 sq ft
Location: Calicut,Kerala
Photography Credits: Justin Sebastian,Syam sreesylam
Other Credits: Jitesh Engineer Pvt ltd

The Wall of Being by Evolving Radical Aesthetics - Sheet3
©Justin Sebastian,Syam sreesylam

The process concluded with the idea of crafting spaces that evoke one’s cumulative memory of the region and simultaneously depend on modern architectural characteristics. Further narrowed down to a concept of making “Modern, Abstract, but relatable aesthetics”.

To ensure privacy, an inward-looking layout was adopted which further led to the idea of an abutting wall. Abutting wall – “The wall of being”, assumes the role of a canvas painting one’s roots and cultural background, from which the three-dimensional volume of the residence evolves. A central axis is maintained parallel to the “wall of being” at both the ground floor and the first floor enabling a consistent dialogue with all spaces ensuring optimum seclusion and privacy.

The Wall of Being by Evolving Radical Aesthetics - Sheet7
©Justin Sebastian,Syam sreesylam

Volume – The existence of an abutting wall without any window fenestrations on the west side of the house brought about the challenge of having confined spaces. To intercept the challenge, multiple indoor-outdoor double-height volumes are utilized and other spaces of the house are located interspersing to it.

Spaces – The initiation of an open-to-sky courtyard and koi pond evoke one’s collective reminiscence of the traditional houses of Malabar. The first floor’s sunset garden creates an elevated portico in the middle of the home to enjoy the afternoon sun. It is located next to the courtyard and koi pond and has a large entrance to the west side. One can interact with the neighbourhood at the southern end in the swing garden on the first floor, which overlooks the street. Other prime areas of the residence are arranged sequentially, interspersing the central open volume along with the courtyard and koi pond. The same central open space turns into the soul of the house through which all other spaces draw light and ventilation.

The Wall of Being by Evolving Radical Aesthetics - Sheet10
©Justin Sebastian,Syam sreesylam

Textures and Elements – The overall charm of the house lies in the contrast which was trailed within the design in terms of textures, colors, and concepts. The collection of vintage furniture and repurposed traditional structural details such as units from vernacular coffer ceilings, and decorated pillar capitals heightened the contrast with the wall of being. The client’s background in jewellery making catalysed the application of intricacy in the design detail of the interior essentials. The sense of balance in contrast to the interior spaces on the wall aims to evoke longing, contemplation, and serenity in one’s mind.


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