A “Strada” forms the center of the lively and highly-densified new business park and creates a connection between Hanauerstrasse and Ehrenbreitsteiner Strasse.

Project Name: Go Four It Business Park Hanauer Straße Munich (DE
Studio Name: AllesWirdGut

Go Four It Business Park Hanauer Straße Munich (DE) by AllesWirdGut - Sheet2

The basic urban concept was taken over and adapted by AllesWirdGut and Zechner & Zechner from a preliminary project by OSA Architects. The building dimensions of the new business park are divided into a northern and a southern section. Moved close to the basic boundaries, an external spatial development axis running from west to east, the Strada, is defined in the middle. On the busy Hanauer Straße side, the Strada has a public, urban character, which is also reflected in the adjacent uses (gastronomy, retail). The buildings reach their maximum height here, with six storeys above ground. To the west, the buildings become lower, the Strada reacts to the fewer public uses and becomes more introverted. The areas north and south of the building block are greened and serve as a buffer to the neighboring properties. The building mass is subdivided by incisions and caesuras in the body and further differentiated by gradations in the upper floors and incisions in the base area that form the entrance. Particular attention is paid to the city plinth. Here the principle of a “micro-city” will be perceptible, and thus the linking of the buildings via the open space.

Go Four It Business Park Hanauer Straße Munich (DE) by AllesWirdGut - Sheet1

The different uses of the ground floor have the potential for outward expansion, but the users of the higher floors also have a part of this urban atmosphere through views and various exit options to the individual outdoor areas.

A varied mix of uses was defined for the ground floor, which will contribute to the revitalization of the quarter. In addition to trade, gastronomy and social uses, spaces for start-ups and new forms of work are being created here, which allow opportunities for creative work right through to production. The first floor also offers the opportunity to expand the range of work.

Go Four It Business Park Hanauer Straße Munich (DE) by AllesWirdGut - Sheet

The offer is supplemented by restaurants and a seminar and training center. The other upper floors form high-quality office space that can be used in a variety of ways and can be divided up variably, often with adjoining outdoor areas.
The buildings are connected to each other in the basement. The underground car park in both basements offers approx. 510 parking lots. There are also around 500 bicycle parking spaces available here, as well as showers and changing areas.


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