The small port of Roeselare is an industrial and busy area along the canal where Akurad law office asked to design a unique, hybrid and functional office building,.

Project Name: Akurad law office
Architecture Firm: Declerck – Daels, Architecten
Firm Location: Roeselare, Belgium
Completion Year: 2019
Gross Built Area: 660 m2
Project location: Roeselare, Belgium
Lead Architects: Declerck – Daels, Architecten
Photo credits: Tim Van de Velde
Photographer’s website:

Additional Credits
Design Team: Declerck – Daels, Architecten
Clients: Akurad lawyers
Engineering: BM Engineering
Landscape: Declerck – Daels, Architecten
Consultants: VC/EPB: bvba Vandendriessche
Main Contractor: Verstraetebouw nv
Interior & wood : Verstraete Hout
Aluminium windows: Belumeco
Façade rendering: Chercye Aspect
(Fixed) furniture: Hans Eeckhout

Akurad law office by Declerck – Daels, Architecten - Sheet3
©Tim Van de Velde

It was a challenge for Declerck-Daels, Architecten to embrace design, functionality and comfort.

With a focus on the symbiosis between landscaping, structural and technical engineering, architecture and interior design.

The new office replace the former warehouse with the same footprint.  It’s an strong example of a sustainable re-use of an abandoned site.  It  has a strong visibility against its environment.

Akurad law office by Declerck – Daels, Architecten - Sheet4
©Tim Van de Velde

It consists of three playful volumes, stacked on top of each other.  Both massive and light but also open and intimate.

Its new forms is refined, remarkable and uncommon compared to the other industrial buildings of the surrounding.

On the second floor there is an open workspace and meeting rooms with some private offices around it.

The open culture of Akurad law office is reflected by the extensive amount of glass  but with respect of the privacy of their clients .

The main emphasis of the project was to open up the building to its surroundings, creating a bright and uncluttered office space, with an abundance of natural light.

Akurad law office by Declerck – Daels, Architecten - Sheet5
©Tim Van de Velde

Every part of the stacked volumes accommodates another function, with a particular experience. Each room has its framed view on the neighbourhood.

On the left the two largely glazed storeys contain private office boxes and open office spaces.  The first floor will be occupied by the staff of Akurad, while the ground level is leased to another partner for the first years.

The highest part of the building with the  reception and a meeting room at ground level, meeting rooms on the first floor, and a multipurpose room on the second floor facing the canal.

That open room with a terrace and a green roof serves as a classy event room, a training room and also as a refectory…

Akurad law office by Declerck – Daels, Architecten - Sheet6
©Tim Van de Velde

The building was designed to improve the wellbeing of the employees and the clients.  Each space is configured to respond to specific needs and habits.  The layout enhances meetings between the staff members.

Using Industrial materials, referring to the past.  Concrete and steel in combination with warm wood and carpet.  The robust materials were chosen for their sustainability. The office is equipped with fixed furniture with acoustic panels and carpet guarantee for the acoustic comfort.

A special plastering technique on the facades is combined with black windows and black painted wood cladding and integrate with its industrial setting.

Along the wall to the neighbour you find all technical locals and storages.

The technical installations are left visible on the ceiling.  Again, with an industrial look. And allowing flexible organisation of the workspaces.

The building has geothermal energy and photovoltaic panels and produces more electricity than necessary for its own use.

This results in a negligible energy cost and great sustainability.

Akurad law office by Declerck – Daels, Architecten - Sheet8
©Tim Van de Velde

An open car park is located on site.

And cyclits have a coverd bicycle storage.

There is even a shower for employees who want to sport during the day.

The building is comfortable, sustainable, original and highly practical, a future-proof building..



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