This new 2 story single family residence has a modern aesthetic with a sensitivity to the residential neighbors in regards to massing and material selection.

Studio Name: BO.SHI Inc.
Design Team: Brandon Bown, Kazushige Shichishima and Marc Guittap
Area: 2,275 square feet
Year: 2020
Location:  West Hollywood, California
Consultants: Parker Resnick Structural Engineering
Photography Credits: Alexis Adam
Other Credits: Renderings by BO.SHI Inc.

Rangely By BO.SHI Inc - Sheet4
©Alexis Adam

From the front yard a zone of native and drought tolerant plants line the sidewalk with 2 Palo Verde trees as a feature.

Rangely By BO.SHI Inc - Sheet
©Alexis Adam

The building steps back from the first to second floor with the second floor shifted towards the parking lot of the commercial property to have less impact on the adjacent residence. The front top corner is also depressed to further minimize the appearance of mass from the public way.

Rangely By BO.SHI Inc - Sheet8
©Alexis Adam

The design aims to combine landscaping, building and the existing neighborhood fabric together to form a cohesive and appropriate project for this residence located in the West Hollywood West Neighborhood Overlay District.


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