• The new collection stands out for its more advanced technical performance, strength and sustainability
  • The new collection stands out for its more advanced technical performance, strength and sustainability
  • Gerflor Creation 2022 is now available on the market.

Madrid, May 2022 – Gerflor Iberia, a subsidiary of the Gerflor Group, an expert and world leader for more than 100 years in global solutions for highly resistant flexible flooring and wall coverings, has just launched the Creation 2022 flooring collection. This is an extensive renovation and improvement of one of the company’s most characteristic and sought-after flooring ranges, which also adds a new line – Creation 40 – to the three existing ones, Creation 30, Creation 55 and Creation 70. From now on, the collection offers both professionals and end users high technical performance and sustainability, as well as dozens of new designs and formats to choose from.

Project Name: New CREATION flooring collection
Studio Name: Gerflor Iberia

New CREATION flooring collection By Gerflor Iberia - Sheet1
©Gerflor Iberia

Super-realistic finish and variety of colors and textures

Gerflor’s new Creation collection offers a realistic and authentic feel, with four beveled edges and less repetition once the floor is installed, giving more naturalness to the space. This is thanks to its decorative film up to two meters wide compared to other standard floors where the decorative film is only one meter wide. In addition, its ultra-matte finish and crystalline wear layer give it a special color intensity.

The new Creation 2022 collection also expands its range of colors and textures by adding a variety of finishes: Natureland range, harmony of colors and noble materials such as stone taken from nature in its purest interpretation to bring the outdoor environment closer to the spaces where we live and work; Ultra Realism range, the perfect synthesis between visual and tactile perception with hyper-realistic designs of different wood finishes; Fusion range, hybrid materials that are created by fusing different components, such as the granularity of sand with wood chips, the silkiness of cotton with the scratched surface of concrete, etc. , to generate original and modern designs; the Timeless range, with the look of classic materials; and the Vintage range, evoking the aesthetics of previous decades that we find so refreshing today.

Easy-to-install multilayer LVT flooring

Gerflor’s new Creation flooring collection is a simple and quick to install flooring type, with great comparative advantages over other standard flooring types and adds more value, both structurally and technically.

The collection incorporates a new rigid clip system that has better performance features and is available in 2 options: Creation Solid Clic and Creation Rigid Acoustic (with built-in base) for improved comfort in daily use. This rigid reinforcement core has the same advantages as the elastic comfort core. This means that, while maintaining a high level of performance in terms of a pleasant feeling when walking on it and better acoustics in the room where it is installed, it offers – at the same time – greater stability, more robustness, better response to temperature changes, more resistance to scratches and a more effective response when installed on surfaces with certain underlay problems.

New CREATION flooring collection By Gerflor Iberia - Sheet2
©Gerflor Iberia

In addition, all the floorings of the new collection are suitable for any room or area, both in public and private spaces, have a great insulating capacity, an anti-slip system and are easy and simple to install.

The low maintenance cost differentiates Gerflor flooring, adding value to the construction system, being the best solution for, for example, renovation and refurbishment projects, but also for new construction projects or the so-called “construction 4.0”. The vinyl tile of Gerflor’s Creation 2022 collection is a heterogeneous multilayer floor covering with the following structure:

The assembly is pressed under high pressure and, as a result, the floor offers excellent dimensional stability. In addition, and in summary, these are the advantages and characteristics of Gerflor’s new CREATION floorings, which, among other aspects, also offer environmental improvements:

– They allow a 30% faster installation.

– They give the possibility of replacing a single slat or tile, without the need to change the entire floor if necessary.

– They have bacteriostatic and fungistatic properties for guaranteed protection and better quality of life for users.

– They have a sustainable seal: 100% recyclable and 55% recycled content.

– Their “click” installation avoids the use of adhesives.

– They are waterproof and guarantee easy cleaning and maintenance.

– They offer unparalleled air quality, extremely low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emissions, 40 times lower than the limits set by European standards.

– They help to have a better acoustic insulation to guarantee tranquility in every room.


Gerflor (www.gerflor.es) – For more than 100 years, Gerflor has been the expert and world leader in global solutions for flexible flooring and resilient wallcoverings. The Group creates, manufactures and markets innovative design and eco-responsible solutions in more than 100 countries and adapts to the specific needs of different markets and sectors: home, residential, healthcare, retail, industry, sports, education, hotels, offices and transportation. In addition, it has reacted to economic vicissitudes and has identified Latin America as an emerging scenario in development and with a positive growth trend. Proof of this are the emblematic projects in which Gerflor has participated. The “Benito Juárez” international airport in Mexico City has been an important reference, as well as the participation in the Maternal and Child Unit of the El Pilar Hospital in Guatemala, among others.

The company has more than 25 different product categories, including Mipolam SymbiozTM, the first homogeneous flooring whose plasticizer is 100% of biological origin; Mipolam Biocontrol, the only flooring that complies with environmental regulations for clean rooms; Dry-TexTM, a revolutionary installation system that offers solutions against subfloor humidity; self-supporting slats with click systems for quick and easy installation without adhesives; and Texline, an original textile backing that provides comfort and easy installation on irregular surfaces, among others.

All Gerflor production sites are ISO14001 and ISO 50001 certified (certifying responsible energy management), setting the highest standards in terms of environmental respect and underlining its commitment to sustainable development. The Group uses recycled materials in all its product ranges, which contain very low levels of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and emit 40 times fewer emissions than those accepted by the most stringent regulations.


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