This residence sprawls over an area 4800 sqft in a busy area of Durg, Chhattisgarh. The client demanded a subtle luxurious family home with all amenities. We at Rishabh Luniya and associates believe in sculpting spaces according to form and function while allowing each material to create the requested atmosphere.

Total Area: 4800 sqft (built-up)
Location: Durg
Type: Residential
Architect Name: Ar. Rishabh Luniya
Photography Credits: Prashant Bhat
Styling Credits: Ar.Mamta Jain
Team: Ar.Rishabh Luniya, Ar.Kushal Patel, Nupur Kothari, Neha Bajaj
Total area – 3000 sq. ft
Year – 2021
Client – Ashish Rathi

Ashish Rathi residence - Durg By Rishabh Luniya and associates - Sheet1
©Prashant Bhat

The bungalow spreads over three stories, the ground floor entails parking, home theatre, and servant quarters. The main entrance on the first floor opens into the vibrant living area. Apart from the eclectic Italian flooring, color-pop furniture, and wall paneling; the courtyard remains the accentuation. With a huge leaf sculpture and small plants around, a clear change of material and a lit double height area gives the space a different feel and atmosphere

To keep it subtle, the staircase wall is cladded in brown wood with bold grooves. All furniture has been carefully customized with fabrics and finishes to deepen the desire for a warm and comfortable environment requested by the client. The continuity between living and dining is partitioned with fluted glass in varied geometrical forms, breaking both the view and the pattern. A similar silhouette is observed in pooja’s main door with a change in material palette.

Ashish Rathi residence - Durg By Rishabh Luniya and associates - Sheet4
©Prashant Bhat

Another remarkable feature includes the addition of Indian dining. The client belonging to a typical Marwari family wanted to stay connected with their traditions and hence a raised wooden-deck seating is planned along with the dining space attached to the kitchen. A home playground is designed on the attached balcony to suit the clients’ needs and hobbies.

Adjoining the dining area, the kitchen is separated by a wooden door and boasts of a similar subtle combination of white and grey tiles making it look airy and spacious. As one walks further out, they come across an equally elegant yet delicate washbasin area.

The client was more akin to sleek designs and sophisticated spaces. While designing for a family of five; parents, an elder son, and twin daughters. The ground floor has two rooms- the master bedroom and the kids’ room. Each has its own color scheme and theme.

Ashish Rathi residence - Durg By Rishabh Luniya and associates - Sheet6
©Prashant Bhat

The ambiance of the master bedroom reflects modernity and elegance. The design is kept subtle, while we played with the color theme. The bed back is highlighted the most with textured greens and enhanced by the hanging lights and artwork. The walls are painted in dull white to bring out the beauty of the theme. Using a walnut veneer, a contrast is brought to enhance the greys and green.

The kids’ room, for three, is done in shades of peach and blue. Ample areas for study and play are ensured, and the integrated balcony with large sliding doors brings a greater extension of the room. Both these rooms have enough wardrobe spaces and toilets designed as per the client’s comfort.

With an appreciable creative streak. Two more bedrooms with ensuite facilities and walk-in dressers lie upstairs. The gym, jacuzzi, and play areas are crafted and designed for leisure and entertainment in the second floor.

Ashish Rathi residence - Durg By Rishabh Luniya and associates - Sheet8
©Prashant Bhat

The family seating area is connected to the landscaped terrace garden, putting the occupants in constant touch with the outside.

The Master bedroom here speaks classic, here we chose the color blue along with white to bring a fine touch. For some restful comfort, a low-height bed is designed on site. The moulding backdrop to the bed, with frames, is the room’s highlight, which exemplifies the sophistication of the palette used. The material and furniture fit in well with the overall scheme about modern and smart design, with comfort being the primary factor.

In the second bedroom, to be used as a guests’, one comes across a lounge perfectly tucked-in, with a marble slab hanging from top dividing the space. To let the clients experience resort-style bathrooms, a white jacuzzi has been installed against the wall clad in concrete textures tiles, lending it a fancy vibe.

Ashish Rathi residence - Durg By Rishabh Luniya and associates - Sheet2
©Prashant Bhat

The subtle colour palette in the rest of the house follows through, making the space look huge and bright. Adding a bit of textures in the form of fabrics, curtains, pillows generate a peppy and playful feeling. “We aimed to create a minimal sophistication with this residence, and keeping up with clients’ needs was a thing of utmost importance” says Ar.Rishabh Luniya, signing off.


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