Set on a quarter acre, this farmhouse reveals itself amidst the lush green areas of Raipur. The core value here ensures openness and free flow of spaces with existing nature; the ten trees around which this farmhouse is designed.

The Ten trees abode – Farmhouse at Raipur
Type – Residential/ Leisure
Total area – 14000 sqft
Builtup area – 4000 sqft
Year – 2021
Location – Raipur, Chhattisgarh
Design Team – Ar.Rishabh Luniya, Ar.Kushal Patel, Ar.Mamta Jain , Tripti Adwani, Rashi Jain, Garima
Photography – Prashant Bhat
Styling – Mamta jain

Ten trees abode By Rishabh Luniya and associates - Sheet2
©Prashant Bhat

The ground floor entails an interior swimming pool along with an activity room to engage in varied fun happenings. Designed to help enjoy the landscape to its utmost while giving privacy was paramount.

Ten trees abode By Rishabh Luniya and associates - Sheet4
©Prashant Bhat

Transitional spaces divide the leisure and private areas, each having its separate vista. The entrance is curated with lily ponds alongside to enhance the experience of a threshold paving way for something better. As one steps inside from the main door, with a serene view of the landscape in the front; the play of shadow and light from the southern side quickly catches the attention. This naturally lit pool area encompasses an interesting aspect of how nature engages with the mostly transparent yet elegant spaces.

With a quick stroll around, constantly changing views of the outdoors as well as the building unfolds; as we move towards the activity area and upwards with a wooden finished staircase surrounding a huge plant.

The design uses a restrained palette of exposed brick, cast-in-situ concrete panels, stone, and wood. As experienced from inside the house this natural palette brings an enhanced sense of connection with the landscape.

Ten trees abode By Rishabh Luniya and associates - Sheet6
©Prashant Bhat

Understanding the relationship, one wants to experience within the spaces, the furniture layout in the elongated living + dining area was planned to accommodate larger groups and also cater to individual/smaller groups without intimidating them by visually connecting them to the exterior green farmland.

Texture is everything when it comes to nailing down a rustic aesthetic. The epitome of a farmhouse relies heavily on wood, natural fabrics, and raw materials. The bedroom ticks the boxes for each of these things and looks truly inviting. The quilt, rug, and throws all contribute to the homestead vibes, but the lamp and bed frame pull it into a more modern rendition of this style.

Ten trees abode By Rishabh Luniya and associates - Sheet8
©Prashant Bhat

“An open floor plan, natural aesthetics, textured spotlights and a sense of warmth” perfectly defined this Ten trees abode designed by Rishabh Luniya and associates.


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