Bringing value to the spaces is the idea behind the design. With this in mind, we created the story. This story brings us through transitional spaces, magnifying its potential and your life.

Architect : AMALGAMA
Team : Alexandre Vicente, Timur Kyriashov
Project year : 2020
Function / Program : Renovation
Area: 2,600 sqr ft
Location : Miami, Florida
Sequency of Scenery
Luxury is a state of great comfort and elegance.
Noble materials and furniture enrich our living,

LID Miami By Amalgama - Sheet1

This is evident the moment we arrive.

Arrival, Frame, Scenery, in other words, a Unique arrival experience followed by an impressive view framed by architecture finalizing in an artistic and elegant scenery combined in a single environment.

The arrival foyer was designed to impress whoever enters for the first time with its strong tones but also clarity and natural composition, as we turn to the living spaces, the scenery is captured in the frame, like an artwork, magnifying the relation between interior and exterior, playful symbioses takes place between the captured view, the artistic composition and the materials that define the design, luxury through Art & Scenery.

LID Miami By Amalgama - Sheet2

The foyer now is much more “grandeur”, much more impactful setting the mood for the rest of the interior. The grand salon has been given a much more dynamic treatment, the materials utilized provide reflections and light making it much more luxurious. We added “green boxes” that are used has transition zen spaces, providing also light and a natural feeling into the interior. The walls creating two rooms were eliminated giving space into a much bigger room proper for multimedia appreciation. The separation between kitchen and Dining was broken, now a much more open and richer space takes place, with a green box used as a transition between the private areas of the house and the public.

Green Boxes

The interior courtyard spaces, or as we like to call it “Green Boxes” are designed to bring a more closed relation between the user and nature. In this project they act as transitional spaces, and serve as buffers, this allows for multiple family members or guests to enjoy the multitude of planned spaces without bothering the next person. Nonetheless, since plants and glass allow for transparency, they don’t cut the views. This technique lets the apartment breed and giving a sense of bigger scale.

LID Miami By Amalgama - Sheet3

Furniture and Materials

For the Living Room, we opted for the italian Luxury brand Minotti to provide a comfortable but also impactful space for you to enjoy.

Intimate but Convivial. We opted for darker colours for the kitchen, this will reinforce the interior green patios and the connection with the bright exterior and light that comes through the windows.

To achieve that, we selected products from the italian brand Poliform, for its simple, smooth and quality design to provide a kitchen with wide dimensions. The Dining continues the concept of the Kitchen, but with lighter greys, this helps as a transition to the brighter tones that engulf the Living Room. The art and decor of the spaces is made through the Lasvit brand and its luxurious pieces. Gold, Silver and clear objects sparkle the spaces, making them into real contemporary galleries worth being appreciated.

The dark marble is a counterpoint between the white on the flooring. This polished material will create dynamic spaces between reflected clarity and dark tones


The spaces will be brighter with this white ceiling. It will also act as an acoustic absorber so to keep your privacy. Viroc is a mixture between cement and wood, this Panel beautiful simulates the texture and properties of exposed concrete, to give a fresh and dynamic look into the spaces.

We opted for a flooring finish using this noble material. The Calacatta Marble, white with gold veins, transmits the feeling of clarity, brightness and luxury. Beautiful soft grey stone is used on the more practical areas of the house, like the kitchen, and creates a counterpoint between the brightness of the Calacatta Marble. Mortar is a very easy to apply material and creates great compositions with different colors. Very versatile and will be used to contrast the strong furniture over it.


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