The Scroll is the main pavilion of the newly open Hangang Art Park, an open-air collection curated by Eun Byungsoo that includes 37 new public art pieces. The three loops structure welcomes the visitors with rest and performing areas and provides a key to navigate through the Art installations.

Project: MOTOElastico
Design Team: Simone Carena, Marco Bruno, Minji Kim, Wankyu Kang, Giulia Nespoli, Andrew Kennedy
Location: Ichon-dong, Seoul, South Korea, 2018
Engineering and Construction: Doori ENC
Materials: steel frame, FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) blocks
Photo Credit: MOTOElastico | Hangang Art Park | Lee Dae Won

Scroll Hangang Art Park Pavillion By Motoelastico - Sheet4
©MOTOElastico | Hangang Art Park | Lee Dae Won

The Hangang Art Park is a project supported by the Seoul Metropolitan Government. The goal is to enhance the quality of the public spaces along the banks of the Han river with artworks inspired directly by citizens’ ideas or suggestions: the aim is to reconnect the people with the mighty power of the river and experience the flow of its energy, both at physical and spiritual level.

Scroll Hangang Art Park Pavillion By Motoelastico - Sheet6
©MOTOElastico | Hangang Art Park | Lee Dae Won

With our project we decided to celebrate the generosity of the Han River that runs wide through the city of Seoul and brings life and prosperity to its banks and the surrounding hills. We recorded the Han River path, from East to West, on a monumental Scroll, a twisting platform that embodies the flowing energy of the water.

Scroll Hangang Art Park Pavillion By Motoelastico - Sheet7
©MOTOElastico | Hangang Art Park | Lee Dae Won

The Scroll Pavilion is a 90-meters rolled up scale engraved with the river’s most significant landmarks. It is a gigantic miniature covering the entire urban course of the Han River (40.5 Km) divided into 202 block/units, each one representing 200 meters. Bridges, parks, archeological sites, iconic buildings which are currently shaping the life along the water, together with the location of the new HAP artworks, are drawn into icons and engraved into the blocks in contemporary cartouches.


MOTOElastico is an orbiting Space Lab founded in Seoul by Simone Carena (Founder) and Marco Bruno (Co-Founder) and currently working on buildings, interiors, exhibitions, public design, products and urban research.

Born and educated in Italy, specialized in California and rooted in South Korea since 2001, in all its projects MOTOElastico is using irony to critically challenge and playfully celebrate local customs and behaviors.

The goal is to explore local cultures through the unexpected combination of original ingredients. Its design process is similar to the one used by Dub DJs: enhancing rhythms and underlying features of existing songs, with the purpose of generating new yet familiar design tunes.

MOTOElastico received several design awards and was invited to present its projects in prestigious international exhibitions among which: Anyang Public Art Project, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Seoul, Italian Pavilion at the Venice Art Biennale, Korean Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale (Golden Lion), Marrakech Art Biennale, Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism, the Bi-City Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism of Shenzen and the Gwangju Design Biennale.

MOTOElastico headquarters has been located since 2007 at the South Gate of Gwangjang Market, in the heart of the Jongno District. The area is a source of inspiration, rich with raw materials, production facilities and skilled artisans: it is a precious resource for the fabrication of all the studio prototypes. In 2017 the iconic MOTOElastico atelier became an official venue of the First Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism. SInce 2020 MOTOElastico extended its research operations to Doha, Qatar with the goal of expanding its practice in the MENA region

The MOTOElastico headquarters in Seoul is directed by Simone Carena and managed by Minji Kim. The MENAMoto branch is run by Marco Bruno.


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