This sea facing Pent House having an area of 1700 sq.ft. is located at Worli Sea Face one of Mumbai’s posh addresses…

The residence has been diligently utilised to ensure spacious Living & Dining Area along with  Kitchen & Guest Bedroom on the lower floor and Master Bedroom, Kids Bedroom, Lobby & Pooja room on the upper floor.

Project Name: Sharma’s Residence
Studio Name: Gaurav Kharkar & Associates

Sharma’s Residence By Gaurav Kharkar & Associates - Sheet2
©Gaurav Kharkar & Associates

The client gave us a simple brief that he wanted a house devoid of wooden & veneer finish but at the same time wanted the house with a very contemporary outlook having a creative statement. This really boosted us to explore our creativity and we took it as a challenge to not only take care of the functionality but also emphasised on a very different colour palette which would make the house look chic in terms of its decor. We as designers believe that design of the house is not just about decorating a space but a true language of expression of the person dwelling in that space and which has a story to tell…

A lot of detailing & efforts have been put in to select the right kind of accessories, loose furniture, soft furnishings, light fixtures which would coordinate aptly with the entire decor of the house. In this project we have mould ourselves to the project demands and come up with the concept, an idea that makes the project significant in its place and for the purpose.

This house exudes richness and freshness through its colour and styling as colour is used to create focal points & adds personalty to the space. Throughout the house we have played bold and not safe by using uncommon Artwork & striking colour palette of blue, red, orange with shades of grey.

Sharma’s Residence By Gaurav Kharkar & Associates - Sheet3
©Gaurav Kharkar & Associates

Living, Dining & Bar Area :

The main highlight of the house is the Living & the Dining area. As one enters the house you get awed seeing the double height ceiling. This space is segregated into different zones. The focal point is the central seating area which also gets the advantage of the double height ceiling. The

3 – seater fabric sofa, two revolving chairs & the circular lounge shows hue of grey and black whereas a tan coloured leather sofa in the same zone is thoughtfully picked up to break the monotony. The rug in the seating area showing hint of blue colour seamlessly blends with the white Venation Italian marble. The grey sofa double height backing wall is predominantly highlighted by two unique elements, one being the vertical uneven black ribs with backlit alabaster light and a grey pu paint border which completes the pattern and other being the protruding box with a huge abstract painting showings hue of blue. This box holds the kids wardrobe on the back side whereas the atomized projector screen for the Living area is smartly hidden in the lower level of the box. The grey pu paint border acts as a common element in both these highliting features.

The window wall which leads to the balcony overlooking stunning view of the Worli Sea face is painted in innovative texture paint. Motarised wooden blinds further enhances the beauty of this window wall. All the lights in the Living & Dining area are controlled with easy access form tabs and smart phones. They play an important role to create different ambience for different moods.The stylish hanging light suspended from the double height ceiling adds classy elegance to the entire decor. The Living & the Dining area flow together but are separated by the tan sofa creating a distinct space for the Dining area. The Dining area has a easy access to the Powder room and the Kitchen. We as designers never wanted the doors to the kitchen and Powder room to be prominent so we employed an L-shaped element in horizontal rib pattern of white pu paint and mirror. The highlight of the Dining area is undoubtedly an artwork which shows a man fighting against all his odds thus giving a positive statement that “ The bigger your dreams, the tougher your challenge”. The wall behind the artwork is kept subtle by using grey coloured brick pattern which contrast well with the white ribs and enhances the blue painting. The clear glass top Dining Table and sleek contemporary Dining Chairs blends well with the overall decor of the dining area. The oval shaped ceiling above the Dining table holds a cluster of black hanging lights. This ceiling coordinates well with the curved shaped wall starting form the Main Entrance and continuing till the Kitchen door. The curve wall features several eye catchy details. It shows a running ledge finished in red corean and backlit alabaster sheet on the top. This ledge which runs along the length of the curved wall has a multipurpose use. It serves as a mini – breakfast counter or acts as a buffet ledge. To compliment the breakfast counter we have given three horizontal black coloured bands running throughout the length of the curved wall, this is made more dramatic by adding randomly fixed colourful circular plates on the wall. The steel dragon flies around the plates grabs attention of the onlooker. Few niches and black coloured vertical design towers gives space for the artefacts to fit-in. Another intriguing element of the house is the Bar storage. Keeping in mind the orientation of the Living area ideal place for the Bar storage was next to the main entrance in the passage which leads to the staircase & Guest Bedroom. We as designers had to put lot of efforts in designing the bar as the client never wanted to compromise on the utility & look of this space.  The clients fondness to invite lot of guest & friends for different occasions challenged us to create a peek-a-boo quircky bar counter which has storage above and place to keep bar stools below also has a pullout bar table finished in red corean with castors which smartly tucks in and flushes with bar storage and can be pulled out enabling a bar tender to stand behind offering a place to mix drinks. This design makes the passage look more spacious & clutter free when the bar is not in use.

Sharma’s Residence By Gaurav Kharkar & Associates - Sheet11
©Gaurav Kharkar & Associates

Guest Bedroom :

The Guest Bedroom is adorned with an arty-minimal look having muted colour palette. This room is used as a Study room, Family Tv room or sometimes as a Bachelors pad for accompanying the clients friends and colleagues. This multi-purpose room shows minimal furniture with a single wardrobe adjoining a compact study table, a sofa cum bed & a coffee table with two revolving chairs. The sofa backing wall shows three equal white pu paint panels holding unusual goat face paintings. The most striking factor about these paintings is how well suited the goat heads seem to the human bodies in terms or both physical appearance & body language. These images seem to be bursting with personalty and character, however when we selected these paintings our main purpose was that they should give aesthetic values to the room and that there is no real deeper underlying meaning behind them. That’s perfectly fine, as the viewers can create their own meaning if they choose. The TV panel which is on the opposite side of the sofa wall is kept bare minimal with black back painted glass panel and niches to house artefacts on both sides.

Staircase :

The strong cobalt blue colour around the staircase which leads to the upper floor looks powerful, regal & regenerative. It also coordinates well with the entire house colour scheme of white, grey & black. The staircase has been purposely kept sleek and contemporary by using white Venation Italian marble on the tread & Stainless Steel finished railing to highlight the blue colour around it.

Sharma’s Residence By Gaurav Kharkar & Associates - Sheet12
©Gaurav Kharkar & Associates

Upper Floor Lobby area :

The staircase leads to the upper floor lobby area which overlooks the Living room and gives access to the Kids and the Master Bedroom. The client being an avid reader had a requirement of good sized library to fit-in his large collection of books. We all know that “ its what on the book shelf that really counts” but at the same time we as designers believe that the book shelf has to be brilliantly treated and should look like a show-stopping element in the lobby. Fresh colour like orange compliments well with the blue and at the same time breaks monotony of colours running throughout the house. To make this book shelf more interesting white artefacts have been thoughtfully picked up which pop against the bright coloured case. The boat painting fixed on the side wall echoes the colours from the book shelf and the accent chairs add the perfect match and create a chic ambience for the lobby.

Kids Bedroom :

The Kids Bedroom which belongs to two daughters has a playful atmosphere. A soothing colour scheme of teal and white runs throughout this bedroom. The bedroom shows a contemporary looking bunk bed finished in white pu paint. The bunk bed free up the floor space thus enables the kids to use the floor for their activities. The study table is continued with a smartly designed reading nook for the kids to laze around. The room also shows a flushed wardrobe which juts out on the other side in the living area, thus making the floor space more clear for the kids to enjoy.

Master Bedroom :

The Master Bedroom shows two zones one being the wardrobe area and other the main bed area.

As soon as one enters the Master Bedroom you see huge sliding wardrobe shutters on the right finished in mirror, this was purposefully done to double up the space of the narrow passage. The  wall adjoining the mirror wardrobe shutter shows a custom made dressing unit and a handpicked sleek contemporary chair. The toilet door next to the dressing unit was creating visual interruption so we came up with a design to conceal the door and make it look as a design element by giving vertical bands of white pu paint and mirror. These bands further continue along the length of the door to form a box which hides the Air conditioning indoor unit. The Bed backing speaks a contemporary vocabulary by flaunting its straight lined design and muted colour scheme. This also displays a golden beige leather cushioning and a self textured grey wall paper on the top.

A panoramic view of the Brooklyn Bridge captured by the client himself is hung on the grey wall. Black back painted glass TV panel on the opposite side of the bed backing has a distinctive feature, it slides along the length of the bedroom. This was thoughtfully done to avoid the blocking of a window behind the tv panel which overlooks the double height living area.

Sharma’s Residence By Gaurav Kharkar & Associates - Sheet13
©Gaurav Kharkar & Associates

Thus to conclude we have employed elements which are unique, sophisticated and features several interesting details to make a house that is not trying to follow passing fashion but rather strives to create clear and solid presence by use of strong colour and contemporary furniture…


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