The brief was to create simple yet stylish interiors which make one feel home after a long day of work balanced with a hint of luxury. The designs were well thought out with a perfect balance of sophistication, effectiveness and functionality.

Project Name: Uma Acres
Studio Name: Darshan Group
Project Area: 3650 Sq. Ft
Completion time: 6 months
Location: Science City, Ahmedabad
Photography: Inclined Studio

Uma Acres by Darshan Group - Sheet1
Bedroom ©Inclined Studio

Each bedroom was designed as per the personality of the person residing in it which brought about a sense of belonging. Beige color Italian marble flooring used to give rich & spacious appearance to entire Ground Floor. Kitchen is visually connecting to the drawing and dining area.

Uma Acres by Darshan Group - Sheet2
Kitchen+Dining ©Inclined Studio

We decided to design this gorgeous space in white with Modern minimalistic style. Creating a simple, practical an uncluttered space was our line of action. The palette of Italian marble, veneer and subtle shades of grey was our deliberate choice to deliver elegance and make the space seem large and warm.

Uma Acres by Darshan Group - Sheet3
Bathroom ©Inclined Studio

Master bedroom achieves the stylish and serene ambience in the backdrop with the clean combination of PU finish for furnishes .The kid’s room is a delight for the client’s son to dwell in. The bed Sidewall exemplifies his interest in Football and also adds drama to the space. Simplistic yet modern, the guest bedroom follows the theme of the residence. Every space is curated in Such a way that it merges luxury and comfort seamlessly.


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