Scalar collaborates in off the grid, sustainable coastal compound in Nicaragua. On a slight verdant coastal bluff above the Pacific in Tupilapa, Nicaragua, the Coastal Homestead seamlessly reconciles a series of environmental and site conditions that far from solely prizing the ocean rely on a complex set surround relationships.

Project Name: Coastal Nicaragua Homestead
Studio Name: Scalar Architecture
Project size: 3400 ft2
Completion date: 2016
Building levels: 1
Location: Tupilapa, Nicaragua
Photography: Miguel De Guzman

Coastal Nicaragua Homestead by Scalar Architecture - Sheet1
Living Space ©Miguel De Guzman

These include changing wind patterns, solar orientation and the distant view of Nicaragua’s volcanos. The design takes clues from the vernacular environmentally responsive palapa building – an open-roof treviated construction originally from the Philippines.

Coastal Nicaragua Homestead by Scalar Architecture - Sheet2
Exterior View ©Miguel De Guzman

In so doing, an environmentally responsive and parametrically modelled ruled surface roof affords a larger setting and encampment. Mostly under this new open, a series of three discreet volumes hold more private or weather protected domestic functions and modulate the outdoor dwelling spaces and circulation.

Coastal Nicaragua Homestead by Scalar Architecture - Sheet3
Corridor ©Miguel De Guzman

Lastly, dealing with a slope foundation and sandy soil, an occupied foundation and base further site the project and provide for service functions. (In collaboration with CPAG)


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