Modish hue is an interesting amalgamation of functional and aspirational requirements of the client and the ideology of the design team to play with neutral and vibrant color palettes, within a modest budget.

Project name: Modish Hue
Studio Name: A.J Architects
Year of completion: 2021
Location: V.V Puram, Bangalore
Photography: A.J Architects

Modish Hue by A.J Architects - Sheet1
Bedroom ©A.J Architects

The apartment is located in a bustling neighborhood of food street, V.V Puram, Bangalore. The inside out façade and the strategically placed openings, allow the sunlight to veil the house for most part of the day and this feature has allowed the design team to experiment with darker and bold color hues, though maintaining the unity and harmony with neutral hues, leaving a mesmerizing taste of aesthetics.

The intrinsically carved curves on the main door delightfully welcome the guest. The pencil ribbed storage unit in the foyer finished with peach color and gold accentuates surrounded with layers of textures and color hues melt into the senses of the beholder.

Modish Hue by A.J Architects - Sheet2
Kitchen ©A.J Architects

The bold form of the false ceiling in the living room, finished with dark grey color grabs the attention at once. The living area further boasts of a paneled wall with wood texture laminates and differently sized semi elliptical three dimensional panel made in Plaster of Paris.

The kitchen is planned, keeping in with the view of the functional aspects as desired by the client. Storage space being one of the key requirements, additional space is carved out to accommodate full height storage. A small breakfast counter is planned for, which really acts as a cozy family den. The kitchen area is monotone with pop up of gold color in a muted way, behind the protruding handles.

Modish Hue by A.J Architects - Sheet3
Bedroom ©A.J Architects

The design team enclosed a small balcony space in the master bedroom (otherwise overlooking and almost touching the neighboring building) to provide for additional storage and make way for a small sit out area. The master bedroom adorns a calm, neutral and soothing color palette to enhance relaxation. The washroom of the master bedroom is in monotone grey broken with metallic red grout.

The parents’ room and the teenaged son’s room are designed with a warm and neutral color palette. In the son’s room the calm serene feeling is energized with mud brick color ceiling.


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