Shaped like carved blocks of sugar, this family home is a full refurbishment and extension to a 1950’s London suburban house.

Project Name: Sugar House
Studio Name: Alter & Company
Project size: 240 m2
Project Budget: £300000
Completion date: 2017
Location: London, United Kingdom
Photography: Alter & Company

Sugar House by Alter & Company - Sheet1
Living Room ©Alter & Company

This scheme places a large contemporary extension wrapping around the existing house over two-storeys. Relocating the staircase centrally to the house with staggered stepped living spaces surrounding the circulation allows for flow and visual connectivity.

Sugar House by Alter & Company - Sheet2
Kitchen+Dining ©Alter & Company

The built form has been expressed through a refined palette of materials; white stucco, polished white marble, oak and whitewashed complete scheme. Vertical strips of oak have been used to tighten the central staircase bringing warmth to the internal spaces.

Sugar House by Alter & Company - Sheet3
Living Room ©Alter & Company

The facade is playful whilst being controlled, pushing apertures in with key feature seated windows being pulled out with extruded flush framed glazing.


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