Designed for a young woman who loves to receive friends, the MV Apartment conveys versatility and youthfulness. Living room, dining room and kitchen are connected by a contemporary and minimalist style, present in the space’s finishes and in its furniture. The joinery, made entirely in MDF Oak, emanates a feeling of coziness and warmth; while the stones in Michelangelo Nuvolato Marble, creates contrast with its cold tones.

Project Name: Apartment MV
Studio Name: Gabriela Casagrande Arquitetura
Location: Curitiba, Brazil
Photography: Eduardo Macarios
Project size: 98 m2
Completion date: 2020

Apartament MV by Gabriela Casagrande Arquitetura - Sheet1
Kitchen ©Eduardo Macarios

The neutral palette of natural materials is broken by the vivid shades of green that permeate the details of the decoration – cushions, paintings, and vegetation. This affectionate composition portrays the client’s and resident’s favorite color; besides evoking freshness, harmony and balance.

The choice of furniture reflects the client’s way of life, as well as her hobbies in her spare time. The dining table, from Clube do Arquiteto, is designed for its proportion in relation to the space, taking advantage of the circulation around it. Its modern and minimalist design also reflects the youthfulness represented by the project.

Apartament MV by Gabriela Casagrande Arquitetura - Sheet2
View of dining ©Eduardo Macarios

The compact countertop, made by ELF Mármores in Michelangelo Nuvolato Marble, creates not only an elegant surface, but also a functional one. The hustle of everyday life, especially in the case of young people, does not always allow time for a table to be set up for meals. As a result, fast food stands have become increasingly common.

The kitchen, in a corridor style, also facilitates the practicality of everyday life, being a great example of space optimization. Its planned cabinets allow for easy organization. The MDF Oak joinery made by Perfetto Mobili is balanced with the marble, and further enhanced by the gray tone chosen for the cabinets.

Apartament MV by Gabriela Casagrande Arquitetura - Sheet3
Living Room ©Eduardo Macarios

In the suite, this harmonic color palette is once again used. The headboard upholstered in linen is framed by a slatted oak panel, filling the entire wall and conferring the space with warmth and unity. The neutral tones of the walls and side table provide a feeling of lightness and tranquility, contrasted with the vividness of the green tones present in the the paintings and cushions.

Finally, the closet consists of mirrored doors, which not only visually expand the space, but also express a modern and elegant effect, gifting the space with a special touch. In addition, the sliding doors hide the interior of the furniture, providing a clean and minimalist room. A modern and current project, designed to simplify and facilitate the client’s daily life.


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