The skin box house is an innovative solution to the problem of increasing the size of a modest house on a narrow sloping site. Additions include a dramatic overing box with a diaphanous polycarbonate skin and a rooftop terrace with city skyline views.

Project Name: Skin Box House
Studio Name: Mcmahon and nerlich
Project size: 150 m2
Site size: 100 m2
Completion date: 2014
Building levels: 3
Location: Windsor, Australia
Photography: Superk Photo

Skin Box House by mcmahon and nerlich - Sheet1
Rooftop Seating ©Superk Photo

The skin box reflects light and shadow by day and glows at night providing an ever-changing appearance.

Skin Box House by mcmahon and nerlich - Sheet2
Bedroom ©Superk Photo

The conceptual and literal lightness of the materiality floats over the unified living area and garden below. The relationship between the garden and the living area is transformed.

Skin Box House by mcmahon and nerlich - Sheet3
View from kitchen ©Superk Photo

The retention of existing birch trees provides a conceptual grounding to the garden experience, and new internal and external timber linings to ceiling, joinery, fencing and insertions, together with fully glazed wall, dissolve the barrier between the interior and exterior creating a generous and conceptually complex indoor-outdoor space.


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