After careful examination and trepidation, the existing dilapidated weatherboard cottage, was replaced to make way for a new four-bedroom home.

Project Name: Erskineville House
Studio Name:
Kreis Grennan Architecture
Completion date: 2020
Building levels: 2
Location: Sydney, Australia
Photography: Douglas Frost

Erskineville House by Kreis Grennan Architecture - Sheet1
Kitchen ©Douglas Frost

The existing cottage was a pleasantly scaled exception to the terrace houses in the area. The new dwelling maintains the same scale weatherboard building to the street but adds a raised gabled volume behind, freeing the ground floor for open living spaces.

Erskineville House by Kreis Grennan Architecture - Sheet2
Living Room ©Douglas Frost

Three site boundaries and the weatherboard cottage define the new living zone, maximising the available living space.

Erskineville House by Kreis Grennan Architecture - Sheet3
Bedroom ©Douglas Frost

Over time the garden will grow and create a lush green room connected to but protected from the elements.


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