Located on Guaecá Beach, on the coast of São Paulo, Brazil, the Patropi House was designed to be a rental.

Project Name: Patropi House
Studio Name:
Angá Arquitetura
Project size: 240 m2
Completion date: 2019
Building levels: 1
Location:  Praia de Guaecá, Brazil
Photography: Carolina Lacaz

Patropi House Casa Patropi By Angá Arquitetura - Sheet1
Living Room ©Carolina Lacaz

With no precisely defined customer, the design team could dare in some finishing solutions, while trying to cater to all tastes in order to be easy to rent out.

Patropi House Casa Patropi By Angá Arquitetura - Sheet2
Rest Room ©Carolina Lacaz

We wanted the house to respect its surrounding landscape rich in nature . Despite its contemporary and striking volume, the choice of materials and colors, blue and green, allowed for the house to be delicate.

Patropi House Casa Patropi By Angá Arquitetura - Sheet3
Pool side Seating ©Carolina Lacaz

Blue and green can be found throughout the house in various materials and shapes, blending with the Brazilian and tropical decor.


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