The Project ‘Tripathi Villa’ bungalow interior designed by House of Designer at Jamnagar, Gujarat. We belive the sophistication of a design lies in its minimalism and thorough detailing. Our client insisted on a modern and simplistic design with a timeless appeal. So, we combined modern and contemporary design styles here, by incorporating symmetrical compositions, tasteful décor, and a neutral colour palette. Keeping in mind the design, functionality, and the tight budget, the furniture has been customized and crafted in well-chosen laminates.

Project Name : Tripathi Villa
Design Firm : House of Designer
Project Area : Sq. Ft. 2160
Project Type : Residential Bungalow Interior
Location : Jamnagar, Gujarat, India
Photos Credits : Frozen moments by parth

Tripathi's villa by House of Designer - Sheet1
Living Room ©Frozen moments by parth

The house opens up with a rectilinear living area. Here is a modest space with prudent detailing and cozy self-contained vibes. Two comfy tanned grey sofas with the facing TV wall to exemplify the douce further. The TV unit has been designed as an open partition layout which gives a spacious appearance. The centre of attraction this tv unit is the wall clock which is custom made for this tv unit.

The adjoining dining space has a modern and minimalist design. The dinning space wall created with brown brick eall and two hanging light in both the sides of the wall makes the space look elegant and warm.

Tripathi's villa by House of Designer - Sheet2
Bedroom ©Frozen moments by parth

The kitchen is designed majorly considering its functional and utilitarian aspects.It is designed in vertical space whereby one side of the kitchen are for the stove and basin area and the other side of the kitchen designed for the different electrical appliances. The grey color palette is adopted by the cabinet shutters and backsplash expressing mildness while acquainting an easy maintenance. The contrast colors cubes with this kitchen cabinet makes the space modern and elegant.

we beilive that good vibes starts from temple and this is where the peace of mind starts, so designing the temple area was a big priority while designing process. vastu was the priorty in designing process that is why we have dedicated seprate area (NE – Eshaan) near kithchen (so that we seek blessing of Godess Ma Anpurna.). The brown brick wall bedroom belonging for the guest  bedroom of the villa. So we decided to use lighter tone of colors with eye catchy niche design. It is designed in neutral and natural tones keeping it more sophisticated and simple.

Tripathi's villa by House of Designer - Sheet3
Bedroom ©Frozen moments by parth

The Master Bedroom was filled with natural light with a beautiful wrap-around balcony. The intent was to keep the design simple and elegant. Considering the design intent, A blue wall with paneling makes for an elegant backdrop for the bed headboard. The bed and side table design in a traditional and modern outlook.

The other master bedroom for the middle-aged couple is delightful with natural light and maneuvered surface finishes. The highlighter rear wall is finished in light orange designer Coushgning coustmised pieces with off white lacker colored in paneling for the tone to complement the luxury in the room .Ample natural warm lights aids in enhancing the liveliness of the room further. In every bedroom Equal design attention extends to the bathrooms that are elegant and luxurious with modest lightings and a tile finish to make it appear larger than size.


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