Lots of light in a minimal and unexpected space, the project Loft Solar is rich in details, colors and works of art in a harmonic way. The neutral base of the project convey tranquility and highlight only the necessary. The colorful cushions compose with the space and integrates everything.

Project Name: Loft Solar
Completion date: 2020
Building levels: 1
Location: Curitibas, Brazil
Photography: Eduardo Macarios

Loft Solar by TN ARQUITETURA - Sheet1
Living Room ©Eduardo Macarios

On the circulation area, the yellow stairs also help to provide the integration of all environments, justly because of the yellow, that repeats itself throughout the project. The dining room, minimalist, is essential for the furniture choices: a slim and delicate table with chairs and lighting in pendants, where the painting is the main protagonist, bringing warmth and reception for this exchange space.

Like a window that provides light for the bedroom, a illuminated box with plants behind a opaque glass collaborates with a tropical and biophilic atmosphere. The bed has a lor headboard and compose with the angled rug, providing once again a connection with different shapes in the space.

Loft Solar by TN ARQUITETURA - Sheet2
Bedroom ©Eduardo Macarios

The lighting in this environment happens through que opaque glass that filters que light that comes from outside, as well as through slim light box that frame the opaque glass.

In the living, one of the walls has an artistic painting that connects all the spaces and opposes with the artwork composition on the opposite wall, that ends in a fun surprise – as if it was falling. Besides, this space has a round sofa that follows the rug and alludes to the artistic painting on the wall. The lighting is given by light boxes and a pendant.

Loft Solar by TN ARQUITETURA - Sheet3
Living Room ©Eduardo Macarios

The external area also has an artistic painting, only in lighter shades of colors, that match the furniture, composed by low tables of iron and with tops. The landscaping can be noticed from the outside as well as from the inside because of the opaque glass that provides the sight of the silhouette of the plants.

All spaces are open and interconnected, bringing more amplitude and lightness to the loft. The various use of colors and textures created a harmonious and cozy project.


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