The project is a residential property sales center located in Taizhou, Zhejiang Province, China. Before entering the building, visitors need to pass through a front courtyard. The yard depicts an elegant Chinese ink wash painting where cranes rest or flap wings on water surface, and acts as a prelude to the interior of the sales center.

Project Name: Zhongtian · Taizhou River Mansion Sales Center
Studio Name: F.G Studio
Area: 460 m²
Completion time: October 25, 2020
Location: Taizhou, Zhejiang, China
Photography: Threeimages


Reinterpretation of classical elements

As visitors step into the space, diversified fascinating scenes come into view. The design extracts classical elements ofBvlgari rings, and translated them into distinctive circular structures. The lighting fixture at the reception area resembles a glowing pearl necklace, which adds a modern touch to the space together with the golden geometric reception desk beneath.

At the reception foyer, a twisting colorful belt stretches flexibly in the air. Its attractive color palette perfectly is consistent with the quintessence of Bvlgari, and the exquisite, innovative mosaic-like pattern embodies the charm of art.

The property model display area features a dreamy atmosphere. The star-like lamps are arranged in an orderly manner, hence creating a sense of ritual. Besides, together they form an undulating pattern, which produces dynamic visual effects and generates a sense of rhythm.


Oriental elegance

The design adopts modern approaches to reinterpret Oriental elegance in the era, while at the same time blending Chinese ink wash aesthetics into the space. The simplistic flower at the reception foyer is placed together with a planet-like art installation, which exudes natural vitality.

Lighting fixtures hanging on walls draw inspiration from water ripples, and endow the space with a Zen aesthetic. The negotiation area utilizes large areas of marbles with natural grain, and the white ceiling release infinite space for imagination.

At the negotiation area, the full-height symmetric cabinet also functions as a partition. This area provides an open view to outdoor scenery. Dotted with glass lighting fixtures, the three-dimensional lattice on the side shows the contrast of void and solidness, the implicit and explicit, and offers dramatic visual effects.


A glass art installation encloses several rocks in the VIP room. This scene draws on classical mountain elements in Chinese culture, whilst adding elegance to the space in a sedate gesture.

Cozy atmosphere

Fantastic art installations and flowers can be seen throughout the space. The interaction between people and articles activates spatial scenes, and stimulates people to discover the fun of life.

The design integrates nature, art and fashion into an Oriental ambience, and creates a tasteful space that fits into modern life. The space integrates Eastern and Western elements, modernism and tradition, evokes expectations on an ideal life, and redefines “home”.


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